Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

Tuning Up

And everyone sing along...

Here we go

Here we go

Here we go

Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Here we go

Cheer the Steelers, Black and the Gold

Here we go
Town of Pittsburgh's, Heart and Soul

Here we go

With Tomlin power, will get the job done

This is the year will get one for the other thumb

Here we go

Here we go
Here we go

Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Here we go

We got Big Ben, hes ready to throw

Here we go

To Ward, Washington, and Santonio Holmes

Here we go

Will go to Parker with a touchdown

you can't catch him, faster than the speed of sound

Here we go

Here we go

Here we go

Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Here we go

Now the offense is ready to score

Here we go

And theres one thing we know for sure

Here we go

If we dont get it in the endzone

Will get 3 points off of Reeds big toe

Here we go

Here we go

Here we go
Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Here we go

We got Woodley, Farrior, and Harrison

Here we go
Taylor, Polamalu, and Townsend

Here we go

The other team aint going to gain any ground

Because the defense is going to bring the steel curtain down

Here we go

Here we go

Here we go

Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Here we go

Here we go

Here we go

Steelers, Here we go

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 on Tuesday Steelers Edition

1. I have loved Steelers since birth. I was born on a Tuesday and by Sunday I was watching the Steelers laying on my Dad's chest.

2. My favorite part of football is the defence. I love watching the pretty boy quarterbacks getting sacked on their ass.

3. Here in Steelers County, we have never had a pretty boy quarterback..all of them have/are pretty homely.

4. My some favorite players were/are Kevin Green, Levon Kirkland, Joey Porter, Troy Polamalu.

5. Black is very flattering.

6. I have been to a few Steelers game and they are so much fun. The best was when the Steelers came and played on Mountaineer Field for one of their preseason games!

7. I like that we do not have, and according to Mr. Rooney, will never have cheerleaders.

8. I like it was family who started the team and the family still owns it. I hope that the brothers get their act together soon so it will stay that way.

9. The Steelers are what brought Mark and I together. Many of our first dates were watching Steelers games.

10. I love that my baby is turning 2 on the Steelers seventh trip to the Superbowl!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here we go Steelers

Warning: If you don't like the Steelers, you better stay away from this blog for the next week!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea Party

We are doing a Royal Tea Party for Lydia's kids birthday party. Here are some of the outtakes from her invite.
Cheers to Daddy! Funny story about the Donald Duck. You might remember that the first character that Lydia really fell in love with was Donald Duck. He is not as easy to find as one might think. My parents when to Charleston for something and when into the Disney Store to find out they were closing. They called and said they bought some weird looking Donald because he was the only one in the whole store! So how funny that a year and half later he would fit into her birthday theme (even though when my parents bought him they thought he was a space alien donald duck)
Having a drink of tea with Donald
NOOOOOO I'm not going to do it.

I am just going to run away from you.

Now I am going to run toward you...Cheers Mama is what she was saying..

I thought this one was funny and that it looked as if you was taking Donald's order.

Now I am going to completely ignore you and play with something completely different.

I will post a picture of the invite that my friend made was wonderful.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day

So on Monday we decide to go outside to play. Our neighbors has the same idea and asked if Lydia could come over and play. There was a little girl over there in the 2nd grade named Olivia (which is a name that Lydia gets called alot) Lydia of course kept calling her a baby. They had a good time trying to play mommy to each other.

So here we go up the hill with the sled.
Whew..that got kinda tough so Lydia and Olivia decided to try crawling up the hill

I guess the hill was never ending so Lydia ended up taking a ride up the hill! Spoiled much?

Then the really fun part..going down!

I wish we could have stayed out longer and Lydia got really mad when we brought her in. But even with doubling up the gloves, they both were still just material and her poor hands got so cold. I cannot find little waterproof gloves/mittens.
We originally wanted to make a snowman but the snow was too dry. We had a bunch of fun going up and down the driveway. We had all intentions on going out yesterday but I spent the day making a more permanent fort with a chest freezer box. It was time well spent though, when I left for my meeting Lydia was sitting in it watching Sleeping Beauty.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First WVU Basketball

Some how, we took Lydia to almost very football game of her first year but we never made it to a basketball game. She watched a basketball game the first day that she back with us at the hospital...we we have missed two season. So this year we made it a point that we wanted to take her. When I got a email about some UConn tickets, we got a wild hair and went. Lydia loved it. She loved it way more that football.

Here are some fancy lights that comes along with our fancy new scoreboard. Lydia loved the lights.
and of course when she found out that there was popcorn..everything was golden. This kids LOVES popcorn.

Can you tell she is a little excited to get popcorn? Funny story, Wendy and I had a girls day last weekend and we went to the Flordia game. As soon as we got the coliseum Lydia kept asking for popcorn. This kids does not miss a beat when it comes to food.
So today on my snow day I am making my poor kid some homemade pizza. She has been asking for pizza for the past three days. Snow day pictures to come.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My girl and I really know how to party.
We built a fort during the last couple of snow has been fun. We like to read in them.
She also is constantly talking about ghosts. I mention this because if she sees the sheet move while we are in the fort is will say "Yikes, ghost" I don't know if this is leftover from Halloween, Scooby Doo or if she is a medium..." We have tried telling her there are no ghost but that does not seem to stop it. As long as it does not interrupt sleeping, I don't really care.

I have loved being home with her so much. We have been doing some fun stuff and I will post more. Mark has been working alot at home in the evenings so that ties up desktop where the pictures are...but I will do better.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I am loving my Zune. And now that I have earphones that fit I am loving it even more!

2. I am pretty sure I had my hubby fooled about his Christmas...contrary to what I had posted here..the camera was not his "big" gift. His brand new left handed electric acoustic guitar was! I picked it out by listening to him and his buddies talk about guitars for years. I did have it "approved" by our friend Chris in Florida just to make sure. I always thought he was a pretty good player but let me tell you, the other day I thought he was playing a cd and it was him playing! I guess playing on right handed guitar strung upside down..really is harder than I thought.

3. Lydia is really really into dressing up right now. She wants to dress up and dance all the time! I cannot wait for her party. I don't want to say too much. Once I get the invites out and people will have had time to get them..I will post one on here.

4. So my parents got a huge TV from my brother this Christmas which means we got their "old school" big screen. After doing some switching around, Lydia now has a TV in her room. This TV does not have cable connected to she can only watch DVD's but I am sure glad we don't have to watch Mickey Christmas ever again!

5. I burnt my tongue this morning something awful. Ask my husband, I can eat or drink very hot things and be fine..but I don't know what was up with the coffee this morning..but my tongue is still smarting..I had to spit the coffee out!

6. I have really into eating salads with mandarin oranges on them..yummy. But I hate mandarin oranges by themselves. I think it is weird how you will not eat somethings by themselves but will eat them in things...

7. I am loving the new outlets up in Little Washington.

8. Lydia is still amazing me everyday with the things she can say. She can hold these little conversations with you. She still will not tell me when she needs to potty though...

9. We are going to Florida over my spring break! I am so excited. We are going down to see Chris, April and Max! They are only 3 hours from Orlando so I think we are going to go down and see Mickey and Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom for the day. I think the whole park would just be too much for Lydia right now.

10. I loved being home with Lydia these past two it was hard getting back into the swing of things thought. I am so tired..I did get my but up and workout this morning.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day

So for dinner on Christmas Day we go to my dad's cousins' house, Beverly and Tony. Here is Lydia giving Tony his gift... Then after refusing to open any gifts at Poppi and Nonni's house, she got back into the swing of thing by "helping" Tony and Beverly open their gifts.

This was Lydia checking out her gift with Beverly.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Party Animal

As expected, our sleep schedule is completely screwy. We have been at peoples house or had people at our house and it has been hard for Lydia to wind down. The other night I heard Lydia playing around with her toys but when I peeked in she was in her bed. So I though, I will just let her play around unless she starts to get up and run around like a mad women. When I quit hearing "backpack, backpack" I went in to check on her and found this.

and just to prove my point with the flash..this was taken in the middle of the night in a dark room.
You can also see the quilt and pillow that her Aunt Kathy made her. If my husband can find his charger and get his drill charged, so I can hang some stuff up..I will be able to take some pictures of the big girl room!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

Here is Lydia playing pool with Uncle Mike..he had a hard time helping her shoot since he is right handed and Lydia has been favoring her left.
No matter what hand she was using, she had no trouble opening gifts that night.

She and Nonni are checking out the Cinderella nightlight that Mikey and Jennifer got her. It was perfect because I have been having trouble finding a night light for her big girl room!

And here are my cousin Mikey and his wife Jennifer. They find the coolest gifts for Lydia.

I got Lydia a book Alice the Fairy a while ago. So a fun thing to do is ask you uncles to "fly fairy"....and ladies and gentlemen, that is what they do, every time she asks!

So I like our new camera but the flash is if you could not tell in this washed out! If I put it on no flash, all the photos are blurry..but with flash everyone looks like Edward and Bella...any advice?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had so much fun on Christmas! Here she is opening her first gift, a Fisher Price Doctors Kit.

She did great with opening gifts at our house. She wanted to open everything out of the box and play with it. When she got Nonni and Poppi's house she was finished with it. I had to open all her gifts there.

I hope the big doodle pad will save my walls.

WOW..she is loving her princess dresses! She wants to wear it all the time and dance. She will even sing the words to the song on Sleeping Beauty.."I know you..dream" is what she is so cute.

Here she is with her "heartar" or guitar..I was so excited to give her and her daddy their guitars on Christmas morning!

She even wore her Belle outfit to Nonni and Poppi's later that morning..and she wore her Cinderella Dress all day today..what lucky folks we are go get to hang out with royalty during the holidays!