Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Times

You have to check out Miranda's blog and see the picture of Braylon, Paige and Lydia..I cannot believe what a difference a year makes! We had a fun time both nights celebrating Drew's birthday..Lydia also wants to make a shout out to Uncle Vince.."Happy Birthday" and
Happy Anniversary to Poppi and Nonni

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok so this had to be one of the most unflattering picture of me I have seen in a while but I am going to post it anyway..Lydia looks cute and this was her favorite ride. The dogs went up and down and there was a button that she could push that made them sing and bark. This was the only ride she asked to go on again.

Here she is riding the smallest merry go round I have ever seen. She did great with holding on herself but daddy felt better at least being beside her.

Now there were from a different night earlier in the week. We took her on a couple of ride and she was not impressed. She did not cry or act scared. She just did not care. I think she was too tired. When we took her back on Thursday she LOVED them. I loved also that most of the kiddie ride the parent could ride with them. That is better than Idwilde!

And of course, we are at the beach so Lydia decided to try out for a Girls Gone Wild video...


Here is Lydia experiencing the ocean for the first time.
Here is Vince showing her the ocean.
Here is Daddy showing how cold the water is
Now Nonnie is trying to get Lydia used to the water
The rest of the time we filled up this baby pool with ocean water and as you can see everyone used it!
and yes, my poor deprived daughter had a different suit for all seven days at the beach and HAD SOME LEFT OVER. Her poor mommy had one suit that fit and one suit that I wore even though my girls were hanging out..I figured everyone else had all there stuff hanging could I! I had picked up a few at Gap last year during clearance. Then when I got my box full of goodies from Kim there were more suits in there, then when people found out we were going to the beach they started buying more suits!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here she is the first time we sat her in the sand. She was fine until the water came up and froze her to death. I am not sure whose foot she is burying here but she loved playing with her Princess bucket and shovels

She did not really catch on to the sand molds but she liked carrying them around and throwing them. Check out the space tent the background. It was a great sunshade. Many folks came up to us and asked where we got it. It was so easy to carry down to the beach and a easy to set up. You did need three people at the end to pull up each end so that it would pop up in the middle.

I love when she plays with her shadow.
Here little feet print. Ever since I got the ultrasound that you could see her little feet I have been obsessed with them.

Some new Lydia stuff. I could not even tell you all the words she can say now. She cut her bottom right molar while at the beach. Her 18 month clothing is finally starting to fit. I will be interested in how big she is next week at her appointment. We are gearing up for the Hatten/Estep reunion and the big bad Mannington Fair!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mommy and me from the Beach

I am pretty tired this evening so I am just going to throw all the Mommy and Me photos from the week here and give you a more detail run down tomorrow.

Here we are at the begining of the week.
Here we are out early on the beach looking for a missing shoe that the ocean ate the afternoon before..and belive it or not mother ocean gave it back!

I wanted a picture of Mark, Lyd and I dressed up on the beach. But the night we dressed nice, we ended up home this is all I got.

Last night on the beach! We are eating very yummy Italian food

KISSES until tomorow

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome Annabelle Nikol

She came on July 21st at 7:10pm. 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long. Congrats to Whitney and Dave! Beach pictures coming tomorrow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fourth of July

I wanted to get these up before we left so I can start fresh with beach pictures. Here we are taking a cue from Braylon and JoLee...since it rained all day we just played in the rain! Here is our weekly Mommy and me from that week.

Lydia and Nonni playing on the deck
See ya all when we get back from the beach....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 for Tuesday

1. First, if I EVER type on here that I am even thinking about taking Lydia to get her pictures done at Sears...someone drive up here and knock some sense into me...oh God, it was a HORRIBLE day today.

2. Don't buy your child a drink in a styrofoam cup if you don't want a whole cup a milk on Old Navy's floor when she puts her thumb through the cup and rips it in half.

3. Then don't place your large not even drank out of iced tea behind the stroller when you are cleaning up the said milk unless you want your iced tea to knocked over by your daughter throwing a fit in the stroller.

4. Don't take a 17 half month old to get her pictures done by yourself.

5. Then don't forgive your daughter when you get home, give her some milk in her plastic straw cup unless you want milk all over your kitchen floor.

6. We are still without Ruby..of course, when he did the work he told us the car is still not running right and now he thinks some of the valves are bent..he warned us that might happen.

7. So my husband borrowed my parents Jeep and it died when he got home from his festival..Car two in the shop.

8. Then my mom comes home from work yesterday and the brake light in her work car came on..Car three in the shop..can you believe it ?!

9. I heard about some job openings in the county..I am trying to think if I want stay in elementary but travel to four schools or go to high school and be at one school...

10. Ok once again think light..I lost .5 pounds last week but I am sure that after my weekend in NJ it will be ugly in the morning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Weekend

Lydia and I had a great time in New Jersey with my friend Cory and her boyfriend Adam. Someone just HAD to take the camera to his festival so I did not get many photos of our weekend. This one is from my phone. I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Braylon who let Lydia borrow his DVD player...this was a life saver....also a thank you to Donna. We picked her up from her parents and she was a big help on the way home today...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 for Tuesday

1. I am so happy that Ruby is going to be "ok". I was SUPER stressed about what we were going to do for a second car if she was not able to be fixed. I do not want two car payments. We almost have the Escape paid off..Ruby needs to make it a little longer.

2. It is so much easier to clean the house when Lydia is at my parents.

3. I am excited to be hosting Book Club tomorrow. I love throwing parties and entertaining.

4. I am proud that I hung up some of my laundry to dry...I am really trying to go green.

5. We are closing up the Junior League here in Fairmont. It is kinda sad. I have not been a Junior Leaguer long but it has been in the Fairmont area for close to 100 years. I wish we could get some folks to join but it is not happening.

6. My blood pressure was perfect at my yearly appointment...but my weight was not. I still weight the same weight as when I came in for my 6 week post natal..I am a size smaller but the scale has not moved.

7. I finally got ahold of my girlfriend in Lydia and I girls weekend is back on. We are leaving Friday. Six and half hours in the car, just the two of praying for me

8. My poor kitties are so neglected now..I used to brush them, bath them and trim their nail weekly.

9. Lydia is doing so much better at night since we are not forcing the nap. If she falls asleep or asks for her bink then I put her down. If not we put her down at 8 and she sleeps till is great.

10. Think light for the morning. Still no loss...

Monday, July 7, 2008

More zoo and Mommy and Me

So do we look like movie stars or what....if I could have found the purple Hello Kitty glasses in mommy size, I would have gotten them...this was a close as I could get!
Of course we had to visit Lydia favorite friend..the ducks...I will say we had been fish sitting for the neighbors and we gave them back last night...all day today Lydia kept going into the room where the fish were and asking "Where'd they go? Here fishies" too I am going to have to buy her a fish.
This one was for Nonni and Poppi...a little background for those who don't know. I live in the same county were I grew up but not the same town. My high school (where my dad was principal from the time the school opened to when he retired a couple of years ago) had a mascot of the Huskies. Our biggest rivals were the West Fairmont Polar Bears..and guess what school district we live in....
My parents swear they will come and pick up Lydia to take her to North Marion...

I thought this was just a super cute picture..can you tell I love her in her glasses...

quick Ruby update..I know many of my friends have been worried about what was her diagnosis and how I was going to take it...It was her timing belt but an Idler pulley(sp?) came apart and went through the we have to get pulley kit from Ford plus a new timing it was a little more expensive than I was hoping but less than my "I am not paying more than this amount" amount. So as of now VIVA RUBY!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Zoo

So on our fourth try this spring/summer we finally made it. We had a good time. Lydia like the animals but she LOVED the fish. She liked talking to all of the people and kids we saw. She was great!
This was a path that you walked through to see the kangaroos.

This was the playground that they had for the little kids. Lydia was dancing on it.

We took this picture because I have a picture of me on a bronze turtle from when Mark and I went to the Knoxville Zoo..I would post it but I don't want you to see how skinny I used to be!

I made Mark take this picture. As he was getting Lydia out of the stroller, he about jumped out of his shoes..he thought this was a real giraffe. It was too funny. I am sure that he just saw something out of the corner of his eye but I thought it was funny anyway.

More to come tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Sweet Ruby

Ruby is my first baby. She was my first car. My dad bought her for me brand new and I have babied her since. Oil changes every 3000 miles washed her constantly, no one was allowed to eat, drink or smoke in on and so on. Her inside is 11 years old and looks better than the inside of my 2005 Escape! She died on the interstate tonight. Luckily Mark was driving and is ok. We had her towed but I am nervous. I don't want to put a ton of money in a car that has 158,000 miles on it. But in Ruby's defense..I have never put any money in her. You could not have asked for a better car. I hope it is something simple to fix....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. How happy am I that Lydia will now say/sign help. It has cut down on the screaming..not stopped it but cut it down.

2. Do not go to IKEA for the first time by yourselves...way to overwhelming..bring someone who has been there before with you.

3. If your knee is sore and stiff for a week, DO NOT wear flip flop to the zoo where you are going to be walking will come home with a sore hip and ankle too.

4. Talking about hurting body parts makes you old.

5. Don't read scary books about young girls being killed when you are a new parent of a little girl...

6. I cannot believe it is July already and my summer break is 1/3 of the way over.

7. My baby is 17 months old today.

8. Yesterday my homemade hot dog sauce rocked, my homemade ice cream did not...I have no idea what I did wrong...or maybe it was God saying..don't eat ice cream when you are trying to lose weight..

9. We had a really good time with the zoo. Lydia is starting to not want to be in her car seat. I am starting to get nervous about the trip to New Jersey. She and I will be going up alone for six hours...yikes.

10. No loss no gain last week. With all the crap I ate preparing and at the wedding, I guess that was good. I just hoped the high impact aerobic class helped a little more..think light thoughts for the morning.