Friday, August 20, 2010

Ocean City

Nonni, Poppi and Lydia chillin and eating snacks..
Here we are eating at our fave Italian

We had fun with daddy...

riding rides at the end of the boardwalk

resting in on the beach

I thought she looked so funny especially because mom was also hand feeding her at this point..spoiled much?

Family photo

Mike and Kelly..

Another shot of the WV

Loved this shot..

building sand castles

Her Jackie-O hat..

Chasing waves

Nonni and she soaking up the Vitamin D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gensuwa Ryder

Meet Lydia's new kitty Gensuwa Ryder. Lydia named him obviously so I completely made up the spelling...when you ask her what Gensuwa means she say "nice kitty or happy kitty". Who knows with this kid. She could have completely made it up or for all I know it could be Japanese for happy cat.
Mark is happy to finally have another man in the house.

He is very sweet and loving. We got him from a home that had young children so he is already used to being lugged around and loved on. Thelma and Marian are doing pretty well with him, better than expected really.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Dentist Visit

All of Lydia's teeth have come in perfectly and she has never complained about them so I just never thought about taking her to the denist. I was looking around for a local dentist because I was tired of driving to Morgantown. It dawned on me that I should take Lydia in as well. After trying to get ahold of a couple places, I tried Dr. Hannah on the recommendation of Junior League mom. I call to made sure they took my insurance and they said they had a 1:00 cancellation if we wanted to come in today since they were booked pretty tight until school started. So off we went... Lydia does not like noise. She hate the sweeper, the hair dryer, even my spin brush. So I was a little worried about the polisher. As expected she freaked out when she heard that sound in the other room (although, I think they were actually drilling). She was covering her ears and refusing to sit in the chair. The hygienist was so good with her. Promised her that this time she could just use a pink and purple toothbrush with butterflies on it.
She did perfect from that time on. Did exactly as she was asked to and got a perfect report!