Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I have posting most of my pictures on facebook for those of you who have facebook accounts. I am still working on getting my laptop to work with blogger and post pictures but I am not hopeful.

2. Sad news, I have withdrawn Lydia from dance school. She loved loved loved the first three weeks. Then parent observation night happened. She went in like normal. Mark came slightly later than us and Lydia saw him walk in. She tried to run out of the room and one of the assistants picked her up and told her no, she could not go outside. Lydia had a meltdown. I do not blame the assistant, she was doing what she was supposed to, keeping Lydia safe and not letting her run outside the room and the assistant did not know that Mark had just walked in. But that did it for Lydia. She did finally make her escape and no amount of coaxing would get her back in. Next week, she dressed and went to class but would not go in the room. This past Wednesday she would not even get dressed or leave the house to go. I am so sad that one negative event has ruined the whole situation for her.

3. Good news is that Miss Stephine said if after awhile Lydia asked to come back she would be more than welcome to start classes back up.

4. So this is the week that the school are celebrating Red Ribbon Week. This means that I am supposed to coordinate 4 different Red Ribbon Weeks since I go to 4 different schools. One would think that the coordinator would remember to wear red today...oh well.

5. So Mark is out of town and I have a complete new respect for you working mommies that take you kids to daycare before you go to work..Lord have mercy..how do you do it. Thank God, I did not have to feed her breakfast or pack a "bag" of stuff since I just had to take her to my Aunt. I cheated and asked it my Aunt could come to my house tomorrow since I have to leave for work by 7:20 as it is without having to make extra stops. I guess if that was always our routine, we would be used to it but Lydia was not happy with getting up so early this morning, I am not even trying it the rest of the week. My dad always comes and picks her up thank goodness b/c I would have to leave the house at 5:45am on Thursday if I had to talk her to Mannington!

6. Have I mentioned that my family is not morning people?

7. Have I also mentioned that I am very spoiled to have my Dad come and get my child and bring her back to me on his babysitting days. I am very grateful as well now that I have had a small taste of the real working mommy world.

8. I also broke down and got the flu shot after swearing that I wouldn't. Geez, those doctors really know how to get that mommy guilt churning.

9. I am thinking about switching doctors. I love my doctor but I don't love that she is in Morgantown. I also don't love that she in a practice that when you call for a sick visit, you just get whoever, you cannot request her. And I hate that I have to take a whole sick day to go for my appointment..but I also hate change so we will see..

10. I was 100% this week on Football wins..Steelers, WVU and my fantasy football teams!