Sunday, November 8, 2009


I had found when I told folks who Lydia was going to be for Halloween that Sword and the Stone was not Disney's most popular movie. So I have provided some pictures so you know who we are

Disney's version of Sword in the Stone

The Hatten Family's version of The Sword in the Stone

I do have to say, these were the most fun costumes we have done yet. Most everything was something we had to we borrowed. I enjoyed creating the costumes instead of just buying a pre-made one. I thought you could see the "inscription" on the sword from this picture.
Here is Merlin, Wart/Boy/King Arthur, Merlin and the Archimedes the Owl. In the movie, Arthur's foster family call him Wart or "the boy" most of the movie. So if you ask what Lydia what she was for Halloween she would tell you "the boy". I thought we would just embrace Lydia looking like a boy instead of fight it.and here is our version. I think we entered Mark and Lydia in a Father/Daughter contest they would have won. Everyone commented on his costume, no one guess Merlin exactly but they all knew he was a wizard. If you want to see a cool Mother/Son combo head on over to Miranda's blog..she has come cute pictures of the kids together as well.

Mad Madame Mims. She is a female wizard that Melin duels in the movie. I guess there is such a character in the book but her name is something different. It is too early for me to text April what it is so just believe me or google it! Here is Wart trying defeat the evil Mad Madame Mims. I tried very hard to make my hair purple. I used two cans of that spray stuff.
Lydia and Braylon trick or treated a little together in Braylon's neighborhood.

Then we visited our friends that we do every year b/c they all live in like a half mile radius of each other.

Vickie and Jack

Uncle Mike and Aunt DJ

and what officially was our first place but I was tired of fighting the pictures on here

Mike and Donna's

Archimedes, I think he is my favorite character in the movie. I first was going to try and be him but Owl costume was going to be too hard. Thanks Braylon for letting us borrow your Owl! He is riding on top of Mark's hat in case you missed him the first time.

More Halloween 2007

We made it to my mom and dad and Aunt Kathy's but I think that was toward the end of the evening and the kids were really fighting the cameras. I know I did not get any pictures but Kathy and Nonni might have.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't pass out

Here is two posts in two days..this was WVU midnight madness. We had a good time. We are sharing two season tickets. I am excited to go because Lydia really has enjoyed the games in the past.
Here are the famous piggy tails I have waiting so long for..

more of the piggy tails...

We got to see a couple of friends there with their little girls and Lydia loved visiting with them.

Go Moutaineers!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10 on Tuesday the photo edition

I have kicked Mark off the desktop so I can post some pictures. None of Halloween are downloaded yet but they will be on here ASAP!

I was looking for photos that I had not published and I found some golden oldies that we downloaded from my Mom's camera.

Here they are in the Hough Park in Mannington. Here was a visit to Nonni's work. Lydia still loves to pretend she is typing. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that everyone she knows is attached to a computer or cellphone, typing or texting.

Here was Uncle Mike's college graduation May of 2008.

This was from last spring I believe at the West Virginia Game Farm.

Here are some more up to date photos, Lydia carrying around her buddy Thelma. Yes, our cat lets her do this.

Poor Thelma.

Here is our first official "tail" as she called it. This is when she announced one morning before church that she was a girl and that she needed bows and a tail.

She was very proud of it.

Here is Louie, Uncle Vince and Aunt Courtney's dog. We are still waiting on a visit from Geno, Lydia's other furry nephew from her Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelly.

This was Lydia playing around with Mark's buddies kids. They were so good with her and had such a good time.

Enjoy and I will try my best to get the Halloween one up soon.