Sunday, July 19, 2009


After several triesand being washed out, we finally got to go camping. Here is our wonderful tent. This was one of the first two big things Mark and I bought together, the other was a grill.
Here is Lydia fooling around in the tent. She loved it and we pretended we were "Toot and Puddle" the whole weekend.

She had to practice her yoga in nature.

This was when Mark and I were tearing down camp. That is my Zune that Lydia is watching. How awesome is it that you can download TV shows. This is how I survive taking walks and shopping. Lydia is now in the stage of "I do it" so she of course wants to walk not ride in a buggy or stroller.

But the cutest thing about it is she will ask for my Zune by saying "My smallest TV". She is very into tallest/smallest and biggest/smallest. She is pretty good and figuring it out too!

Here is what I love to do at camp..cook and eat.

Chillin at the campfire.

Sleeping in front of the campfire.

Watching the fire. No surprise, we had a hard time getting Lydia to go down. Her new way of telling us no is "I cannot like naps", "I cannot like potty's", "I cannot like strollers"..isn't that funny? I have no idea how she comes up with these things.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why have I gained three pounds this summer so far?

Oh yeah, Lydia and I have been baking up a storm.

How nice, she is sharing...don't worry hon, mama got the bowl and the scraper!

Doesn't it look like she is praying.."thanks you Jesus for my mama having a chocolate attack this morning"

She just cracks me up.

Are you still taking pictures of me?

Seriously mom, cut it out.

Dig in!

and this does not count the number of pans of Rice Krispie Treats I have made. I have been craving those like crazy. And the trips to the DQ...ahhh summer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Back in the first weekend of June, our friends Wendy and Bryce let us tag along on Wendy's firm retreat. I was kinda worried about taking Lydia and not having enough to do at Kennywood. But with her tennis shoes on, she could get on many of the rides. One of the great things with her being tall. She even got to ride the log jammer with us.
This car thing was faster than I thought it would me. Lydia loved driving.

This was like the tilt a whirl.

This was a mini Phantom's Revenge. This was the only ride Lydia acted afraid to get on but she loved it once it started. And she would ride in the front with her Daddy, unlike her mama on the real one.

Here is Bryce and Mark riding a baby Demon Drop...again I did not want to ride the adult version of that. I finally agreed and then it broke while we were in line. Has anyone noticed that they can ride less now that they are older...or maybe it has to do with having a baby..I don't know.

Lydia loved this ride as well.

She thought she was big stuff riding these rides by herself.

She was acting so cool on this ride she would not look at us to get a picture.

This was the first ride we put her on. She played with the lever the whole time while she was waiting for him to load the other kids. Then when the ride was on, she wanted nothing to do with it. She had no problems leaving us for the ride workers to put her in the rides. She just ate it up.

Still ignoring us.

Seems like we have a picture of her and daddy on one of these every year!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pickin on...

The next Jacksons

Lydia loves playing music and so does her daddy...they also will play guitar and the musicia (or harmonica) I only have video of that and blogger does not like my videos.

Here she is again playing her drum. She likes playing "like a band" meaning she wants you to put the drum around her neck so she can march around.
She is wearing her fireman's hat her Aunt Kelly swiped for her from the fireman's parade down in Buckhannon.

Please excuse her room. We need a toy box or something, her room is always out of control.

much much more to come...two camping trips, visits with friends, babysitting...we have been swamped. No wonder I am so tired during the school year, doing all this plus working..whew.