Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. The countdown to Mickey's House is on..We leave Friday to Ft. Myers to visit our friends Chris, April and Max. Then we are driving to Disney on Sunday and coming back to Ft. Myers on Monday. We will be back to WV on Wednesday.

2. Let me tell you how much easier it is to visit a friend who has a baby..so we don't have to worry about baby lotion, baby wash, baby wipes..etc..they have it all!

3. Lydia is still fighting this rash. I am now washing blankets and pillows..I guess once she got irritated EVERYTHING is bothering her.

4. I have some really cute videos that I want to post here but the video button is not working on blogger. I don't know how else to post them.

5. I am so hungry today and school lunch is gross (yes worse than usual, chicken on the bone, yack) I think I might actually leave the building to run and grab some thing.

6. After reporting that our Junior League was closing it's doors, we had a huge upswing and now we are growing. I hope the upswing continues.

7. I really wish that Mark would email me some pictures of Lydia. He is always working on the desktop so I cannot get on there to post any pictures.plus we have some really cute one that are still on the camera!

8. I replaced my Zune last night. I really wanted it for the plane ride and for relaxing on the beach. I am really happy that it was super easy to put my old playlist on my new player.

9. Lydia loved the Easter Bunny. We went to our photographer and had them done rather than the mall. She just went up to the Bunny and talked away, got right up in her lap too. I am feeling better about her meeting Mickey Mouse now.

10. I hope everyone has a great week...see ya all when we get back from Florida.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Lydia is being so funny right now..we have several alter egos that live with us.

2. Robot Lydie- complete with big eyes and monotone voice. She will actually call herself Robot Lydie. This will usually follow with a request for Robot Mommy or Robot Daddy to do something.

3. Super Lydie/ Super Hero-She also will call herself Super Lydie. She will put on a sweater that our dear friend Bonita knitted for her. She will put her arms out to fly. She also will sing the beginning of the Superman theme.

4. Mommy Lydia- She finally is getting into her other babydolls after falling in love with Pinky. She named one of her dolls "mommy".

5. Artist Lydia- She is really into coloring and using stickers. For the past couple of birthdays, she has been decorating some left over blank cards I have. They are really cute.

6. She also likes to tell you what she is doing while she is doing it in case you were not sure. "I'm screaming", "I'm crying", "I'm hitting" ,"I'm sleeping" and "I'm pooping" Then she will follow that up with "2 mintues"

7. We are getting excited to visit Mickey's house. We have been looking at renting a car. Do you know that is will cost me $200 more to rent a car for the week than to fly down Florida round trip?

8. She is really into taking her baths at night..she will cry and cry if I try and get her to go to bed and skip the bath. She has been broke out in a weird rash for about a week so I was trying to only have her bath every other day so not to irritate her skin.

9. Do you think it might be time to look into electrolysis when you are taking a bath with your daughter and she starts brushing your arms with a hairbrush?? I guess being Italian can't be all good.

10. I am ready for Easter Break and I will again say how these are the times I love working for the school system.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pinky and the Brain

So while we were down in Charleston cheering on the Lady Huskies to their state Championship, Uncle Vince decided he wanted to take Lydia to Build a Bear. As soon as we went over the the unstuffed animals, Lydia exclaimed "Pink Bear" and grabbed this pink bear with dark pink flowers all over it. She was terrified at the stuffing machine, would not do the heart thingy (Vince's girlfriend Courtney did it), would not wash it, would not pick out an outfit for it (even when we tried to get her a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty dress for it) and would not name it when it was time to put it into the computer. But she has LOVED this things ever since. Vince even picked up this brush which I thought was going to be a be a waste of money...she loves brushing this thing. We did end up naming it Pinky Bear since that is what she said when she saw it. And she will call it Pinky now which the first time she has named something and stuck to it. This was us walking yesterday in the beautiful weather. I think I might have to scrub the stroller down though b/c for the past two days Lydia has broken out in this horrible rash on her back in the evenings. The only think I can figure out it that there is something on the stroller that is bothering her.
She is serious about her Pinky. Now for the brain, Lydia is doing so many funny things now. She is very into stickers and they are everywhere. But I would rather find stickers places than markers. She is into bossing Mark and I around. Telling us to get up, dance, or whatever she is feeling at the moment. She has also started telling folks "I'm smartie" Do you think we tell her she is smart often? She is back to eating with a vengeance which I am happy about. She even ate some carrots for the past two days. That is the first veggie in quite a while. She is lovin being back outside and in her clubhouse. We are gearing up for the big visit to Mickey's house the first weekend in April. Nonni bought her early Easter outfits down in Charleston so that she would have a new outfit to meet Mickey in. I am also excited to see how Lydia does with Max.
I think that is all for now..these past couple weeks have been a whirlwind or meetings and trips. I hope to be a better blogger and photographer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Kicking sorta

Warning..pictureless post....I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive..just recovering. Lydia had a horrible stomach virus thing that lasted FOREVER. It started Tuesday with her refusing to eat and saying her "tummy hurt". She had never said that before but I did not think anything of it...then Wednesday afternoon all hell broke loose, literally, from both ends of her poor body. By Sunday when she was still vomiting and such, we took a trip to the ER. She was showing some symptoms of appendicitis so off we went for a CAT scan. When that came back negative they needed to check for a UTI...horrible experiences. But after all that, the only answer we got was "it is most likely the flu". The ER doc told me to give her juice, no water, and salty food. Opposite of everything you read..but it seemed to work wonders for her. She still did not eat real food until that Thursday.
In the middle of all that, I ended up with the flu although not as bad as Lydia, then Aunt DJ got it, then Poppi, then Aunt Kathy and as I type this Nonni has it. The only one that has escaped it is Daddy...hmmmm. We had to cancel Daddy's birthday party, we spent Poppi's birthday in the ER...so I don't really have any new photos to share..but if North Marion's girls basketball team wins tonight we are going to Charleston this weekend to watch them play for the Championship. Good Luck Lady Huskies!!