Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Tomorrow is one of the days we get to watch Lydia in dance class, I am really excited. I hope that she is listening and not just running around like a wild women.

2. The world of pretend, here we come. It is so darn cute to hear her talking to herself. "Hi Dora, How are you" "I'm good"...and so on and so on. She has been pretending with us for a little while, we are Merryweather and Flora while she is Sleeping Beauty..but just in the past day or two she has independently started picking up her toys and makes them "talk" to each other.

3. We have been getting her to sleep at night by having her read to her babydoll. It is so sweet.

4. Speaking of reading..my kid loves Mo Willems books..has anyone read Piggie and Gerald books to their kids? I am not allowed to read them to Lydia anymore..she has to read them to me. But she LOVES them. She sniffed out The Naked Mole Rat gets Dressed out of my bag as soon as I sat it down (She loves that book and I checked it out of the library yesterday) She plopped down and started reading it on the kitchen floor.

5. I am so thankful for an old high school buddy on Facebook. We cannot find two of Lydia most favorite DVD's. Mickey Christmas and Cinderella. We had them on our camping trip in July. I remember Lydia watching Cinderella twice when we were stuck on the interstate during a wreck. I have searched everywhere and we just don't know where it is. So I researched Cinderella and it is so expensive to buy it now b/c "it is in the Disney Vault". Even the cheaper ones I found on Ebay, they want a lot to ship it. Anyway, my facebook buddy said she would mail me her VHS tape of Cinderella. All she wants paid for is postage..THANK YOU!

6. On Saturday, we met my parents for breakfast and Lydia was messing with the folks behind us. Finally we let her down to go and see Poppi while he was paying. I overheard the man say. "Oh look how cute, HE just ran from him and went into the backroom." Really? She had PINK pants on..

7. Later that day we went to see our friend Dereck and his band play. A man said something about Lydia being a boy. Usually I just let it pass but I was already grumpy about what had happened that morning and I said. "Actually, she is a girl and her name is Lydia"..the mans response??? "Why do you keep her hair so short?"

8. At the last WVU game this one man kept repeatedly calling Lydia "him" even after he read her Cinderella and a Mermaid book. Finally a women that was with him said, "She is a girl, look at her shoes". Not to mention that the shirt she had on had her name on her chest.

9. To continue the theme..the creme de la creme. There has been at least three different occasions where men, after I correct them on Lydia's gender, tell me to pierce her ears!! I am not kidding you.

10. No wonder my kid has a dress fetish and tells me constantly "I can't like pants, mama, I can't like wearing pants."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mannington Fair

Lydia and Braylon had such a good time. They had really been missing each other by the time we got to go to the fair. We had been gone for 10 days! I wanted to post the rest of the beach and some of Mark's family reunion but I cannot find where he has those stored on this desktop. So the fair is what you get. Chattin' it up with some other folks.

Here we are on the top of the Ferris Wheel.

I was happy that the fish were back this year..actually they had more kid rides this year than in the past couple years.

The spaceships were a big hit. They rode them twice.

Here is the Merry Go Round shot. Mark did not go with us this year so we did not get a shot of them together..I was sad about that. Plus both times we tried to get on there someone took the horse with the roses on it.

These guys are such good buddies. I love it.
Just an update, Lydia is still absolutely loving dance school. We actually get to watch her this month so I am pretty excited. I hope she is doing well. She showed us some dance moves this week. I was proud that she is learning something! We also started Library School back up. If you remember last year, my dad refused to take her back. He said this time Lydia did great. She is growing up. She actually told someone today she was three!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going against my OCD...

I am going to post pictures out of order. I know that people really want to see Lydia in her dance stuff so here she is...I will go back and fill in from the beach to now later.
Here she is in her original outfit . Rockin the purple pumps courtesy of Laura. Notice the foam piece around her middle. She was very upset that this outfit did not include a "ballerina dress".
She walks and dances in heels very well..some how this worries me..

She after several request to take her foam tutu off and then crying when forcible removed by mama, we compromised on one of her leotards that has a skirt. I was not 100% sure she was allowed to wear these and I guess there is still confusion if she is..but she LOVED it. She was hugging herself saying "I love ballerina dresses".

Warming up

These ladies are some friends in her class. They are of the daughters of the mothers I knew from work. This was the first time the girls met. She had one more buddy but she was a little later and did not make into this picture.

Here was Lydia's handiwork. She has been a picture taking fool. I will post more of those later.

She loved, loved, loved dance school. They danced to the princess songs for the ballet part and the Imagination Movers songs during the tap part. When Lydia came out to change her shoes, all she would say was "Change them mama, change them" then ran right back into the class after I put her tap shoes on her. I don't know how well she did in the actual class. Ms. Stephine did not ask me to come in and remove her and the helpers did not bring her out to me..so I guess she did ok. The last week of September we are allowed to watch from a window. I cannot wait! She did earn a stamp, sticker and a sucker that she was pretty proud of..

Friday, September 4, 2009


These pictures are backwards but I was so glad to be able to post some, I did not care. Lydia is lovin' to play in my makeup. I have clear mascara that I use on my eyebrows but for some reason Lydia wants to put the black stuff on hers..you should have seen my face.