Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mountaineer Fan Day

We went up to fan day with all intentions to get Pat White and Steve Slayton's autograph but no dice. The wait for those guys were hours. I got into Pat's line b/c it was slightly smaller but it was cut off 10 people before I got up there...but he had fun anyway.
Here are Miranda, Andrew and Braylon. They came up with us. We are getting excited for the game on Saturday. Lydia went to her first Husky Football game last Friday and Nonni and Poppi said she LOVED the band. I cannot wait for her to see the Pride. I think it is going to be a good time as long as it is not too hot!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Six months

Well here is her six month quilt shot about 27 days late....she was extra squirmy this month. it was hard to get her to relax and take the picture. She weight 15 lbs and 2 oz at her appointment and was 25.25 inches long. I hope to get her seventh month picture up much sooner. She is definitely moble now. She can really get going backwards but mainly she rolls around when she wants to go somewhere. She can go forward but not much. She loves doing "yoga". She does table, plank, and downward is crazy looking. I think she might end up "walking" on her toes and hands before she actually crawls on her hands and knees.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family Reunion

Every year the first weekend of August is Mark's family reunion. Friday and Saturday we spend in Kentucky for the Hatten/Hall reunion at his Aunt Brenda's house. Then Sunday morning we head off to Oceana for the Estep Reunion. Estep was Mark's maternal grandmother Anna Rose's maiden name.
Here is Lydia at the Estep Reunion winning the youngest in attendence. She won a 1883 silver dollar and a Carnval glass piggy bank. The lady in the peach top was Betty. She won for oldest...they actually had a surprise party for her during the reunion.

Here is Lydia getting ready for her spring break trips. I think she gets this from her Great Grandmother Nellie.

Here are two of Mark's cousin Jennifer's kids, Braydon and Kelci. Lydia loved Braydon....I think she thought he was Braylon...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Kitchen

Here is Miss Lydia in her highchair. This is the one orginially bought for Nonni and Poppi's house but now Nonni decided she wants one that attaches to a normal chair. Lydia likes sitting in it, she thinks she is big stuff. Also in the background you can see the new wall paint and the new floor. Gone is the blue grease stained indoor/outdoor carpeting and smurf blue paint..

Here is a better look at the cabinets and the new hardware....

and here is a somewhat shows my fiestaware and things...note, i do not have my new countertop or sink in yet...after how long the cabinets took...i am not sure when i want to tackle that project....

Friday, August 17, 2007

More of Miranda's work/First word

Here is some more of Miranda's work....the first picture was the day after her 6 month party...she was really haming it up for the camera. The second one was from us camping...I just love her smile...another interesting side note. Lydia said her first word today. She has been repeating mamamamama...but tonight she was trying to get my attention and distinctly said mama...I thought my mother had said it, b/c she was holding Lydia and I was pricing stuff for the yard sale. But mom insisted that lydia had said that was exciting..considering that most babies say dada or bye bye b/c it is eaiser for them.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Here is the big cut....this is Lydia and I at her first Mannington Fair Parade. It is also the first picture of me with my new haircut. Many of you know that I was pretty active with the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life while I was living in Morgantown. I had promised them for years that I would donate my hair to the Locks of Love. So when Miranda cut hers, I started feeling pretty guilty that I had promised to do it and 6 years later, still had not done it. So on August 2nd, the day after the big party, I cut it off. Lora even took 11 inches and still left me with much more hair that I thought I would have. I feel pretty good about it. I like the cut. I don't know if I will keep it forever but for a little while. We will see how easy it is for me to keep up when I have to be at work at 7am......

Meeting of the Grandmas

After a day of sweating at the fair, Lydia did what we all wanted to a bath! Her Nonni and her Maw Maw Ri Ri gave her a bath in Nonni's kitchen sink. I tried putting a picture of Lydia and I watching the fair parade that show my new hair do up but it will not upload it. So I will try that one again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

History repeating itself

This is a picture from Monday night. We took Lydia to the Mannington Fair. Mark wanted to put her on the Merry Go after a frantic search for socks (she had to have "shoes" on) we got her on a horse. Please note that her daddy even found a horse with roses on it! So today as Mark's mom was getting ready to leave, he was scanning some old picture of himself and found this one....

Isn't that wild....alot of mark's baby pictures were destroyed in a house great was it that this one survived!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yes, you read it right....

I threw a half a year party for my daughter..I wish I could take credit for this cute idea but I cannot. I got it from Miranda's mother Bonita. I had been wanting to have a cookout so that people could see the work we had done on the house (those pics are coming soon) and see how much Lydia had grown..Then I also started to think that I would never be able to have all the folks we wanted to celebrate with in my house during Feburary for her official first birthday. So I decided to have the party on her 6 month birthday and I have to say it turned out wonderfully. Thanks to all the help...

Here she was in her party dress

Here is Braylon and Elizabeth. She is the daughter of my friends Jennie and Reid. They were so cute together.

Here is her own personal cake to play in from her Great Aunt DJ...

and here is what she did with it. She like playing in it more than eating it but she got a few mouthful...It was great and I think I might make it an annual event!

Three Musketeers

Ok, I am sure all of you by now know Braylon. This is his other little buddy Paige. She is the daughter of John and Stephine, good friends of Andrew and Miranda. I believe she is two months old (correct me if I am wrong Miranda). I hope this crew gets to become pretty good friends now that Miranda and Andrew are moving to Fairmont (YEA!!!!!!!!!!) We were out celebrating Andrew's birthday and him getting a job here in Marion County.