Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

After having a going away cookout on Friday, then Mary's high school graduation Friday night, then driving to spencer on Saturday for Braylon's birthday, then on Sunday having Mary's graduation party and then our neighbor's birthday party, mommy and Lydia were too tired to do anything today. so Dan and Kathy and Mike and Kelly came over and we had a little cookout..check out Lydia in her shades that Nonnie bought her. I have a picture of daddy trying them out but it will not upload.

Fred and Ethel

Don't they look like an old married couple

They absolutely would not pay any attention to us. They were watching television and would not look at us to take pictures. They are too cute. Everytime that Lydia would spit out her binky, Braylon would put it back in her mouth.

Happy Birthday Braylon

Here is Mommy and Lydia dressed in our
WVU theme outfits

Braylon kept wanting to hold was so cute

Lydia had a blast at Braylon's birthday party!! He had a WVU birthday party to go with his new WVU room and his new big boy bed.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Baptism 4-22-07

Ok, iti is a little late but here are the pictures from the baptism. She did great. She did not make a peep during the water being poured over her head but she did not like all the chrism Father put on her head afterwards.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My first picnic

family photo done by dan at valley falls. i was having a good hair day for once...almost makes me second guess my locks of love donation.....
this past weekend lydia's aunt kathy and uncle dan invited us to a picnic/cookout at valley falls. from the looks of this picture it would seem that lydia likes the outdoors as much as her mommy....but don't let her fool you. she loves being outside. she layed in her pack and play and watched the trees for several minutes. and in parent/baby time, that is as good as hours!
here is lydia and her godmother, aunt kathy

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hey aunt wendy...

who needs a bumpo??? lydia is so strong. when people see her they cannot believe how much she has can hold up her head although she has been doing that for a long time. she can sit up very well with hardly any support. she has rolled over from tummy to back pretty well now. and she can get on her side from her back but not all the way over yet. i am sure it will not be long if i could just get her back to sleeping through the night...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

well i guess it is true if someone puts it on a cake! i still cannot believe it sometimes. i got and email from one of the baby sites i am registered on and it asked the question, "when did you first feel like a mom?" it wanted you to write it out and email it in..i did not send the email but it did get me thinking. i was a couple of weeks ago, we went to play cards with my parents and some family friends. lydia was getting tired and cranky. all of the"seasoned" parents were trying to comfort her with no luck. finally i took her, she snuggled right up to me and calmed down. i was just thinking wow, i was the only one who could comfort her, i am somebody's mom!! it was nothing special that i did, she just calmed down b/c it was her mommy holding her. so i would like to hear from you mommys...write a comment and tell me when you first felt like a mom.

so i thought i would end this post with a picture from today. and in true new mommy form. i did not take any picture during the day when i did have some make up on and she had her cute outfit, here is a true look on motherhood on mothers day. mommy's hair pulled up into a twist b/c there was no time to fix it, the bare essentials of make up that had worn off hours ago, face still "puffy" from pregnancy weight, wearing a stretchy skirt b/c i still do not fit into most of my clothes. lydia's nose red from crying, shirt wet from drooling, binkie in her mouth chillin' on the couch...woundn't trade my little monkey for the world!

Senior Prom

lydia and i help mary get ready for her senior prom. i cannot believe she is a senior already. i have done her hair and make up for all of her dances except for one (there was a home wvu game) now i put the second picture up there so that i could show everyone my straight hair. when i cut if off for the locks of love, i am wanting to wear it straight like this. didn't mary do a good job on it? now you will have to ignore my eyeshadow... not sure what was up with that or why my husband and my hairdresser lora (who was babysitting) let me walk out the house looking like that. you would never know by looking at my face that mary had a girlfriend over to my house b/c she liked mary's make up so much she wanted me to do hers! luckily their make up came out much better than mine. i did get compliments on the hair...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I rule your world

Wow, I knew babies ruled the world but I guess it just did not hit me until now just how much. I feel like I get nothing done....if I do housework then I feel guilt for not spending time with her when I get home, if I spend time with her I feel like I am neglecting my house. And for anyone that has been to my house you can clearly see which activity I choose...I have phone calls that need to be made, I have a gift certificate from Tuscan Spa that needs cashed in, mail that needs to be on and so on...anywho, the only reason I am getting this done is because she is sleeping right now..which I am sure that I will pay for later when she is up all night. ps. the sears web page is right, this picture is a perfect example of why you should never get their special pictures done with a collar on them!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Three Months Old

Well yesterday was three months, I cannot believe it. Mark feels like she has been here forever but I feel like I just got home from the hospital with her. She is getting so long, everytime I think I have fattened her up, she grows longer and even her 0-3 month pants and skirts do not fit her. But in oneies and one piece out fits she is almost in 3-6 months for the length. Since she is growing so much, she is wanting to eat even more so I gave in and gave her cereal. She loved it. She ate it out of her Baby's First Fiestaware bowl. She did not even get it all over herself like I have hear from other mommys. I think I have another neat freak...ask my parents about the Big Bird cake that they got for my first birthday that I refused to touch!

Water fun

I know she looks terrified in this picture but she really enjoyed the water. It was her first experience in a pool. I am hopeful for Poppi and Nonni 's pool because the water seemed to calm her. She loved to float around and hang out. Although, she does look extremely skinny in this picture....maybe the doctors are right!

Here is Lydia and Braylon taking a bath together. Braylon loved being around Lydia and Lydia loved watching him. There is another picture of Braylon holding the rag in front of his face and Lydia is giving him the funniest look but in 10 years, I want Braylon to still love his "Aunt" Paula so I did not post the possible embarrasing picture!

Our Mommy and Me week

Lydia and I went to Charleston to go to the social work conference. Miranad and Braylon stayed with us to help me with her. We had so much fun and the kids loved each other. I just cannot get over how good Braylon was with her and how she is facinated with him! We hung out, swam, and got pedicures. It was so great to see Miranda for 4 whole days. The top picture is another example of Miranda's great camera work, the bottom picture is of the kids having fun. Miranda said they played together on her gym every day.