Monday, March 31, 2008


Once again Miranda has worked her magic a got something I could not. A picture of Lydia's teeth. They are barely there but you can see them. She was over hanging out with Braylon the other day and she was cheesing it up for Miranda.
This is her "I am cute" face. Sometimes she will even cup her face with her hands. She is such a ham...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here you go

Here we are from this morning after we got home from church. This picture is from my new cell phone (yeah) I had Mark take this so I can have it as my wallpaper. I also told Mark that I wanted to grab a snapshot of some sort every Sunday from now on...thanks for the inspiration Kim. I know that the lighting is bad. I did not know the curtians were open but she was done with pictures after one shot so this will have to do.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St. Pats Day

Well I thought I would post St. Patrick's Day photos before I did more Easter..(and I did not get to stage Lydia's "Easter" pictures with her dress yet...) The Junior League had a social that evening so Kathy and I posed for these pictures before we left. This must be Lydia's model pose..she did it in both pictures. By the way, she loves these necklaces and wears them all the time.
Ok some milestone updates. My daughter is so verbal. She has independently started saying thank you. I know that we have used it in front of her but I have never asked her to say it. One day last week I gave her something and she said it to me...I was astounded. Now she says it when she really wants something and you finally give it to about a guilt trip. Like when we where at Boston Beanery. She kept trying to snag a french fry all evening. I finally gave in and gave her one and she said so sweetly "tank ou" I just keep thinking, how did she know how to use those words! She is putting two and three words/signs together to make sentences. "more nana" "more books" "mama cucks" "mama bup" (up). I cannot even list all the words she can say. But she can sign: more, milk, play, water, eat, up, all done, hurt (she signs it when I say it or she hears it but I don't think she understands what it means) and as of this morning, book. She is really into snuggling into your lap and reading to her. Well I hope everyone is well in blogger land...

Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok, this is not the best picture of me but I had to show you how much my daughter loves Donald Duck. She calls him "Cuck" That was the first thing she went for when she saw her baskets and just loved on him.
Here was her some of her spread. More came later when Poppi and Nonni came. The basket with Eeyore and Daisy in it was one that my mom ordered. It is hand woven and has her name painted on it. It is beautiful.
Here she is living the life. Eating Easter bread, drinking milk, hanging with "cuck", watching "house" (Mickey Mouse Club House) I hope we never lose him but Donald is not easy to get! We looked, Fairmont, Clarksburgh, Morgantown, friend Martha finally got him in Pittsburgh!
Looking for eggs...
finding the $$$$. Once she found one egg, she just wanted to keep opening and closing that one and try and put the dollar back in it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun Times with the Hattens

I have been on Spring break with Lydia this week and it has been wonderful. This break was wonderfully timed and I feel like I have been home with her for a month! These are the times I love working for the school system. We did alot this week. We tried to take her to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Wednesday but the weather did not cooperate. So we took her to see Horton Hears a Who and then let her play at this play center in the Morgantown Mall. The movie went ok. She watched about 30 mintues then wanted to walk around the theater. Since it was 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon, it was not a problem, no one was there. She LOVED the play center. She played with the other kids. Chased this little boy and grabbed him by the shirt to give him a kiss. It was too funny. Tuesday we went Easter dress shopping. It was success for Lydia but not for Mommy...Who knows what I will be wearing.
Who hoo. Here is Lydia celebrating being able to sit frontways in the car. Car rides have become pleasurable again. She was not horrible but she likes it better this way. If anyone asks, I am pleading the 5th on her weight.
Here is more cheese from Lydia. People have been talking about her hair FINALLY starting to come in. I wanted to show off the bow that I got to say in her hair for a good part of church.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Joy at the Park

Do you think she loves to swing??? I really wish that we had a flat spot to put in a swing set. I have only taken her to the park twice so far but she loved it. I did not get to take a picture our first trip since I did not have our camera with us and my phone..well most of you know that it took a swim in a toliet and is still not working properly... these pictures are from Morris Park. That is where I walked every morning while I was preggo over last summer.

She loves leaves and crawling around on the dirt...she does not get that from me..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Give me a break Mom

Well even if she does not look like me she does have my great ablility of giving my famous looks of death. She does not look happy at all that I am trying to take pictures of her in the bathtub.
Braylon came over last Wednesday to hang out while his mom and dad hung out with some friends for adult time. They loved hanging out as usual.

Health update, over the weekend Lydia got sick again..her nose became a faucet and coughing all night long. We took her back to the doctor yesterday and he said to start her on Claritan along with her Singular. I also read about giving her honey at night to coat her throat to help with the coughing. So we tried both and we had a cough free night YEAH! I woke up at 6am in a panic but I have not heard all night. But she was fine, sound asleep. I actually had to wake her up to take her to my Aunt DJ's this morning. So we might finally we out of the woods.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There is no stopping me now

Here we were chilling out on Saturday and watching the basketball game. Let me tell you how patient Thelma Lou is. This child hugs, pets, and pulls her tail and she just sits there and lets Lydia do it. Here we go
I am really moving now
She is all over the house now
Everyone told me once she got the hang of a few steps it would not be long before she was all over the house...and they were right. She even can step over the "huge" step from the hardwood to the carpet (that would always trip her up). Later in the day on Saturday I heard her calling for her Daddy. (which was nothing new this weekend, she was all about daddy for some reason) so I let her crawl up the 4 steps to office and heard Mark talking with her. I continued laying on the couch and a little later I heard her but she sounded funny. I asked Mark what she was doing. He said, I don't I jump up to look for her. I found that she had crawled up the additional 13 steps to our bedroom and was hanging out in our bathroom!!!

Here is a little cheese to go with you day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Birthday Pictures

Here are some of the pictures that Miranda took at the party. They were too cute not to share.
This is a good shot of the bib that I got her.
Here was how I decorated her highchair. You can see the black icing on her face.
Here was after the cake and we were going to the kitchen to clean up
Spoiled much??
Well we are officially toddling around. she can do about 7 or 8 steps. Her second tooth is coming and and causing some sleep issues....hopefully tonight will be better. Miranda and I are taking the families to Fairmont State to swim so I hope to wear her out and get her to sleep through the night!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Poppi

Today is Poppi's 63rd birthday. We went out on Sunday and celebrated his birthday plus Mark and Kelly's since they were so close. It is so hard to get us all together anymore.
This is to celebrate our big win last night! I was very happy that the team turned it on and we beat down Pitt. Oh Lord how I hate losing to them.

Plus this is what I need to do...I got my haircut last night and it did not go well. It was nobodys fault, my hair is just being crazy. I worked on it for 45 minutes this it looking ok, then got rained on b/c I had to park a mile away from the school. So I am currently walking around looking like a big frizz head...I don't know when I am going to learn. I just cannot have the cute, current, short styles like everyone else. I am destined to have long curly hair.

Also I would like to comment that my child does have clothing. I leave early in the morning and my husband and babysitters don't feel that they need to get Lydia dressed. They say that the PJ's are warmer for in the last 10 posts, she is in her PJ, just ask Kim, I really do buy her clothes!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Spa Treatments

I guess while channeling the spirts of her old school Italian grandmother and great aunts, Lydia decided that she wanted to do a homemade hot butter treatment on her hair. For those who don't know what I talking about, the older generation used to put olive oil on the baby's scalp.
What better applicator then the noodles that mommy is trying to get you to eat for dinner. I really have no idea what possesed her to do this. We had my mom, dad, mike and kelly over for dinner. I guess she was not getting enough attention?

We are currently cutting tooth number two and last night at Poppi's birthday dinner, Lydia got the bright idea to start biting me! I hope this stops very quickly. She could be doing it because we are currently bottle free!!!! I wanted to wait a week before saying anything just incase we had a relapse. She still will not drink milk from a regular cup like her water but she will drink it from a straw. We have has a few fits at night with her signing milk in which she really means bottle. One time she threw herself on the floor while crying but the past couple nights have been smooth sailing. I think it also helps that she get a night treat of fruit with her Singular in it...