Monday, July 30, 2007


i have been trying to post pictures for the last week and it will not let me!! not sure what is wrong. just wanted to let you know i have not forgotten about the has just been a pain this week!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Holding her bottle....

at two weeks old...well on Sunday, she decided to hold her bottle again, a full bottle at that. she has been playing around with the bottles, holding the end of of ( I use the Playtex bottles with drop-ins so she can grasp the bottom very easy) but now she takes both hands and holds the bottle, takes it out when she wants a break and puts it back in...she amazes me. She also is getting up on her knees and will not be long before she is getting around, she can already scoot herself around but she has to go backwards.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Let's Go Eers!

My mom made this photo into a card and my dad wrote Rich Rod a note...maybe we will get good seats one game or something! I love how her little hand is on her knee like she is just chillin' up there...
well quick house update. the office is complete except for curtians and my kitchen is complete except for fixing the cabinets..thats right, I finally have my floor down. I will get pictures of that up soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


well i did not realize that this picture had her eyes she is really taking after mark. i have nicknamed him forrest gump! but that is her offical camping outift. the shoes are really cute, they have bears on them. they are from our friend christy out in califorinia.

here she is going down the slide, with mark of course. funny story while we were camping. she fell in love with another blond hair blue eyed boy..this one a little older. (about 7 or 8). she saw this boy playing and for 15-20 mintues, she looked at him and laughed. i have never seen my daughter laugh so hard and for so long. for once i am glad that mark talked me into taking the camcorder, we got some of the giggle fest taped to send down to maw-maw ri ri.

here is boyfriend number one, braylon in the pool. she did ok but i think she has been spoiled by her nonni and poppi's pool and her comfy crab.

here are these two hanging out again. this was in the morning of the last day. they get along so great...miranda and i are blessed to be so close and are children get along so well (at least so far)
ok, i want a roll call...nobody is commenting on the blog and i am begining to wonder who if anyone is if you are reading this, place a comment in the comment section. you don't have to have an account. just post anonymous and put your name in the box..thanks

Monday, July 9, 2007

These pictures are from our trip down to Summersville. Doesn't Miranda do beautiful work! The top picture is in David and Bonita's pool. I do not know how she was standing it. The pool was COLD....we got out when I could not stand it any longer.

Of course since we were going to the farm, Lydia had to wear her bib overalls. You can see in her little eyes that she was getting sick....and you can see how much lighter her hair is getting....we are going camping this weekend with Miranda and Andrew down at Burnsville Lake. I hope this camping trip goes better than the last!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July from Lydia and the Steelers

Well this year we decided to head up to Pittsburgh for their 4th of July festivties. We wanted to take Lydia to the stadium and this way it was "free"..not counting the $10 bucks for parking and gas to get up there! Here is Lydia with the new Steelers mascot. I guess both the teams got one this year.
This is a picture of Lydia and I in the end zone...of the Great Hall. The picture of us where you can see the end zone we are so far away. This was the best picture of her it is a pretty good picture of the two of us together. I am trying to get inspired by a post from Kim a couple of months ago. For mommies to quit hiding behind the cameras and get in some pictures with their kids. (I am seeing some of my jaw line, chin and maybe is not all Mark)

I know this one is blurry but I loved it. I am not sure why it did this, all I did was turn off the flash b/c it was bouncing off the back posters. Anyway this is one of those shots they did nto know I was taking and I love it.

Here is the new trophy case for the 2005 Super bowl trophy..unfortunatly there is a big show up in the Football Hall of Fame and the actual trophy is up there. ( We are assuming, the case was empty and we know the Hall is doing a big spread on the Steelers 75 year in the NFL)

This was a cute story. We were sitting on our blanket saving our spot for the fireworks and this little girl came up to us saying how cute Lydia was. I talked to her for a few mintues then she asked if she could bring her baby sister over to meet Lydia. Lydia loved it, she kept playing with her feet! The little girl was 6 months old and the older girl had just turned 7.

All tuckered out, she slept for about half and hour, then woke up during the fireworks. She loved them. She had watched little ones before in our yard and enjoyed them. I was not sure how she would do with the big booms...but she did great!

Monday, July 2, 2007


I found these WVU onesies at Sam's Club. 3 pack for 17 bucks...I bought 9 month so that she can wear them to the games but Mark could not stop self and put one on her now and took some pictures.
I did not think this picture uploaded...but it is a picture of her sitting up. Of course she is still using her arms for support but we are getting there. Funny story tonight at dinner. She had been cranky because she was tired and would not take a nap this afternoon. Mark started smacking the table like he was playing the drums. Everytime he would stop, Lydia would start hitting the front of her bumpo seat. It took us a few mintues to figure out she was copying was cute and amazing. I got it on tape in case anyone was going to call us crazy parents....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy 5th Month Birthday to me!

wow, it feels like i was just posting about her 4 month.....

i was trying to take some cute picutres with lydia and monti when thelma decided to join in. then lydia decided to reach out and pet her. then she sat like a tripod! every new thing that she can do is bittersweet. i am glad she is developing and growing but it makes me sad to think of her growing up. i cannot believe next month will be half of a year that she will be here....