Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Mark has been wanting a Pecan Roll from Pokey Dot since he has seen it on the menu. But we are always so full after eating, he does not order it. So last Friday, I got up early and ran down to the Pokey Dot and surprised him with breakfast in bed.
Lydia loved sharing his "birthday cake"

Yeah...Daddy's birthday cake.

So another funny story, the next morning was Saturday and Lydia woke up early. I brought her in bed with me and got her back to sleep. Then when she woke back up she asked where her birthday cake was..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleep Issues

Well I guess after bragging about how well our transition to a big girl bed has been, Lydia had to start acting up...first it was just getting up 100 times and getting toys in the bed.
Then we started finding her here. There were times that I would come in and see her in the chair reading but she had been putting herself back into bed.

But then she started passing out in the chair. So we thought it was because it was too dark for her to read in her bed and she was taking the books over there to read them since her nightlight was there. We have moved her nightlight over next to her bed and it seems to have solved the problem.

Super cute story from last night. Thelma Lou was sleeping in her bed. Next to her bed in the living room is a shelf tower thing that I have picture frames on. Lydia went over to the shelves, got a picture frame, would turn it around so that the picture was facing Thelma Lou and say "Look Thelma, it mommy and daddy" She would say this a few times then go and get a second frame "Look Thelma, it Braylon" and so on until she got all the frames off of the shelves. It was the cutest thing ever!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ice Skating

Here we are ice skating at Canaan Valley. It was so fun. I have always loved ice skating and do not go nearly enough. Mark did not enjoy it as much as I did..he had a little trouble letting go of the wall! These were taken after Lydia and I's fourth trip around and she was getting a little tired. But she did great. When we first put the skates on her, she was pretty wobbly. But when I got behind her and skated around with her, she just kept saying "whee, I'm skating". Then I finally put her done on the rubbery stuff and she just took off. She walked around on the skates like she has always had them on her feet!

Our only tumble of the afternoon. Her skate got tangled up in mine.

She of course never really moved her legs but was really good and keeping her legs and ankles straight so I could easily push her along. I see much more ice skating in our future..with daddy as the camera/hot chocolate man.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What Happens When.....

You and daddy lay down to take and nap and your daddy falls asleep and you don't.....

Here legs are still stained..of course she could not have found a blushing pink or barely nude...she found two new tubes of a deep red and deep magenta...notice how she kept the two colors separate on her two legs. When Mark asked her what she was doing, she said "coloring knees".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random thoughts

Here is MY daughter doing what we love most...watching TV...sorry Kim, I really feel for you, I do. Here she is just being funny. We did take her to her two year old check up. She was 34.25 inches. If the old saying comes true, she will be 5'8". Now for those of you that have never really seen Mark and I...I am a little over 4'11" Mark might be 5'11"...then I go to Striderite to get her foot measured. Our Aunt Mary Gay got Lydia a gift certificate there..My daughter wears a 7.5 W...I only wear a 6 and Mark wears a 9!!! She was so tiny for so long..and now she is growing like crazy. I am just glad it is up and not out like her mama and daddy grows! Her verbal skills were beyond the two year old level but anyone who has ever met her could tell you that. Talk is all this kid does!

Here she is snuggled up with one of her new blankets. She has so many wonderful gifts from her party..we cannot thank everyone enough. And I hope to get the thank you cards out sometime soon...

We had a great time in Canann besides not being able to ski. No sickness! We took Lydia ice skating and she LOVED it. It was nice to just get away and relax. Plus the cabin where we stayed has a oven that does not darn, we had to go out to lunch and dinner both nights... ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I am sure it is Friday the 13th

So what a crappy week this has been.

1. My Zune is gone. I had it Tuesday morning when I left for work then when I went to get it to listen to some music during my was not in my purse..but my earphones were. There is a possibility that it fell out of my purse but I think it is a stronger possibility that is was stolen. I am still sick over it. I hinted around for two years that I wanted one of these. My brother gets me one for Christmas and now it is gone.

2. I got stuck in the horrible wind storm on the interstate coming home from Morgantown. Nothing I have ever driven in scared me as bad as that storm. I almost got hit by a orange barrel and several cars who I am sure just could not see me. I am not even sure where on the interstate I pulled off or if I was even completely off the road.

3. I called Mark that night and told him to stay in Morgantown with the baby. He decided to try Rt 19. Well a huge branch came and shattered the windshield. He was able to drive it home..after he had to turn around from all the trees that were laying on the road. He ended up having to go the interstate after all.

4. My insurance refused to pay on anything for my windshield. Did I mention that I had just put a new windshield in the same car back in October?

5. We have been planning to go skiing for the first time in my life this weekend. I have so excited about it. Well as beautiful as the past two days ruined our chances of skiing.

6. Lydia was exposed to Strep last week, that in itself is not a big deal, that is just a part of life...but I kept hoping her fever would start BEFORE we left for Cannan...but of course not. I am sure she is going to wake up in the middle of the night Friday with a fever. I had no idea that it take 10-14 days for a child to develop strep after being exposed.

7. Mark found two dead mouse/mole things down in our basement...YUCK. The only good thing about that was the kitties have been doing their jobs and they were dead. I am just glad the kitties did not put them in our bed. Thelma has been known to do this...ask Kathy and Dan.

8. My right arm and joints started hurting me again yesterday...since Thanksgiving, I have had shingles, gout and some sickness where I ran a fever for 5 days...I swear it feels like my shingles are back..the pain without the rash. They keep taking blood but nothing is showing up. I am about ready to be sent to the glue factory.

9. The wireless Internet has not been working at any of the schools. That means I cannot check my work email because I have it set up in Outlook on my laptop.

10. I bought the wrong size diapers on Tuesday. I took them back to Target on Thursday to exchange them and they would not let me. Now, after I had my baby shower, they let me exchange diapers for receipt, nothing. But yesterday they wanted a receipt which of course Mark had. If I returned them without the receipt I would not get full credit.. for crying out loud, I just need the size 4's instead of the 5's!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent. Now,back to your regularly scheduled Lydia posts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is how excited my daughter gets when Mickey is on the TV..

Can you imagine how she is going to react when she does get to see him for real in April !?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Steelers Party

Again with a house full of folks and the big game on..I did not get many pictures... but it was so much fun.

Here is Lydia with the parts of her ceiling and freezer box castle play house. After taking so much time I swore that I was leaving the decorations up until Mark and I's anniversary (they were my wedding colors after all) but when we got up on Sunday, most of it had fallen down. Lydia and the kitties loved playing around in the plastic.

Here are the these two cuddling in the Love Boat as Mark called it. Notice Lydia has on a "dress". She has to wear a dress when she opened this nightgown she had to put it on immediately.

Here is Lydia blowing out her candles. She did much better this time around and blew them out herself!

Here are the cakes that my mom and I made. I asked Lydia if she wanted a princess cake or a steelers/football cake..and she chose a football cake.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Madness

Ok so I did not get even half of the pictures that I wanted..I would have had no pictures at all on my camera if Miranda had not picked it up and took some. I was handling the kids and Daddy was using the video camera. But I know we had several folks out there that were taking pictures..I need pictures of Kaleb, Anisley, Andrew, and Karenna if folks out there have any..also any of the adults..We decided to not let the kids have all the fun and to dress up but I have no pictures of that either. Also a huge Thank You to everyones help, I would not have been able to do the party without you.

With that said..Welcome to the Royal Tea Party...

Here was the ceiling that Mark and I worked on for about 5 hours...don't ask. Here are the kids drinking their "tea". They did so great. I think they felt very grown up. They were very careful and none of my Fiestaware was broken and more importantly no kids got cut.

Here are the cupcakes that April made..yummy. Cupcakes were so much easier to deal with for the kids I think.

The icing was the favorite part I believe. There were also beautiful sugar cookies that Wendy had made. Here were the ones from last year. This year they were wonderful tiaras and shields...but I have no pictures of them.
We had kids of all ages and everyone seemed to have a really good time. We had different princesses also..


and Princess Annabelles!

You cannot forget that we had several knights there as well! Miranda made these wonderful shields..(Mir I swear we took pictures of these the night we made them but I cannot find any) and picked up some Burger King Crowns. We had a decorating station set up with crayons and foam stickers for the kids to decorate their shields of virtue and pictures of Sleeping Beauty dress.

Here was after long evening of fun.....the two best friends being silly, eating grapes.

The party went so well. All the kids played well with each other. A few needed a little time to warm up but we had no MAJOR meltdowns that I knew of. It was hard work but so worth it to see Lydia have so much fun with her friends.