Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here it is....

These are not the best pictures..Lydia is not feeling well and was not wanting to take pictures..but someone could not wait any longer....

Isn't it cute? Now I have to take her to the South Flordia game so she can wear this!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. Sorry about the lack of first Haircut photos. My hairdresser is supposed to send them to me. I will post them when I get was not that dramatic. We could not even get enough hair to save for her book..

2. Today is one of the reasons why I work for the state for crappy pay..SNOW DAY. I love being home with Lydia and I love that when the roads are bad, I don't have to drive with Lydia.

3. Tonight Mark and Lydia were playing the guitars and Lydia was was really cute.

4. My house is so cold. We need to replace the window in the kitchen, it is so old and drafty, it make the whole bottom floor freezing. I hate putting plastic up in the window but it does help.

5. I dabbled around with potty training today. I have been putting her on the potty for a little while after diaper changes and before baths. But today I pulled out the big girl panties. Yes we are using panties. She hated the word underwear for some reason but got excited when I mentioned big girl panties. It went pretty well. I think we are going to go for it over Thanksgiving. Any advice mommys?

6. I paid more for Lydia's Disney Princess underwear than I have paid for my own underwear in years. What is wrong with me?

7. We are traveling for Thanksgiving to Kentucky. This will be the first time Mark's mom has seen Lydia since she was 6 months old.

8. I am selling my bar/Microwave cart. If anyone is interested let me know. We had a couple of incidents where we have been chasing Lydia trying to pry a bottle of tequila out of her that stuff has moved to the basement. Plus it is glass and metal..does not match my dining room set. I have pictures if you would like to see them.

9. I am cooking a Thanksgiving dinner of sorts on Saturday for my family since we all will be scattered on the actual day. We are going to eat during the game. I am going to serve food in the first half since we might not have an appetite in the second half.

10. Those those of you that were jealous of Lydia's WVU rocking are going to wild at what she got today from her Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Facebook Flashback

So I finally joined the Facebook craze and got onto my brother Mike's facebook page. I was browsing around and found some photos that I had never seen of Lydia. I thought I would share them..especially since I do not have many picture of Mike and Lydia.

This is the day they let her out of NICU. Mark gave her a bath, changed his first poopy diaper and threw her WVU gear on so she could watch her first WVU game.

Here is Mike's wife Kelly with Lydia..although at the time she was his new fiance.

Lydia and Uncle Mike at the Hospital.

God saves the rotten ones by making them this cute.....doesn't she have the sweetest face?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Pretty Day

On Friday, Mark took Lydia to the park for what most likely will be the last pretty day.

She was making this frog "clap to the music" I am guessing she got this line from the Wiggles..Kim can help me here.

I cannot believe she is big enough to swing on a tire swing by herself...

She has to get a stick every time we go outside.

I love her smile in this one.

I hope all you locals got to enjoy the day as well. Especially since it rained all day today and snow is on it's way!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Here is a picture of Thelma Lou and Lydia to help inspire you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Serious Case of the Flops.

So is anyone else seeing their child this way more than any other way..

You in a hurry mama..well let me just flop right down and pretend that I do not have a bone in my body..

Here is another funny tee shirt that Mark picked up...the not pick up toys is for sure! She does better when Braylon comes over and she sees him picking up. But she is perfectly happy to sit and read a book and let daddy and mommy pick up all by themselves.

Well we tried out the professional photographers today. I saw a few real quick ones on her camera and I really liked it. I have an appointment to go and see the proofs next Thursday. Lydia did much better. Still not great...but here when she need a "run around to burn energy" break, we could have one. Also this photographer looked at me like I had two heads when I said I only brought a casual outfit for her to wear in our family photo and then her Christmas dress. I guess I have been trained from Sears where you are only allowed one outfit change. That will definitely be different next time! She did not do any really cool poses with Lydia but in her defense, Lydia would barely cooperate with the very simple ones. She did take a bunch of photos of her dancing so I am excited to see how those come out.

Lyd and I have just been chillin with the rest of my day off. I watch some Days while she was snuggled on top of me napping. I ALMOST was lost... there were quiet a few things different from this summer. Well I am off to make brownies for my Junior League meeting..have a good one.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Growing up

So here is my big girl in her big girl bed in her big girl room. The walls are still not painted and her bedding is not completed so bear with me. I just had to talk about how well Lydia is doing with the transition. We read her three stories, snuggle while we say good night then lay her down. She has been coming to the door and when she cannot open it (because her evil mommy is holding the door knob) she sometimes will go sit in front of her bookcase and read for a few minutes but most of the time just crawls back into bed and sleeps! Last two nights she has not even tried the door!
But as with everything, one step forward, one step back...we are still dealing with her big temper. Screaming, hitting, pinching, throwing herself down on the floor and the biting has slowed down but not gone away. She has finally caught on to time out. The last two times I put her there she was able to tell me afterwards WHY she was there. So I am hoping this is a big breakthrough and will help out some...upcoming post...first haircut...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get off your Bum

I hope everyone went out yesterday and voted. Lydia, Mark and I went yesterday morning. I took Lydia with me to the I Vote machine. With mommy's hand over hand guidance, Lydia voted! Funny note, I noticed this year there was a blue round thing stuck on the side of the machine. Lydia kept trying to grab it but I would not let her. Later on in that day when I went to work (I entered in all the absentee votes) I noticed everyone was using the blue round things to enter the votes on the touch screens. I told my mom (who works for the county clerk's office) how Lydia had been grabbing that but I was afraid to let her take it not knowing what it was. She laughed saying that Lydia has used it several times when my dad would take her to visit my mom before poll workers class. So my daughter again knew more about the technology than I did..I am sure there will be much more of this as the time comes. Like how on Sunday I found some video and pictures on my phone that were obviously taken by Lydia while she was playing around on my phone.

So I guess, after taking part of such a historical vote, Lydia wanted to see the acceptance speech of the candidate she voted for since she woke up crying literally two seconds before he came on. I got her out of bed and let her watch. Something cool to put in her baby book.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cinderella and her pals Jac and Gus-Gus

So here we were on Thursday night trick or treating. Not many folks knew who we were but not everyone has watched Cinderella 1,254 times.

Here is the big moment, we had practiced Trick or Treat many times and she would say it in the car.

Knock Knock

Oh No....I forget what I am supposed to say

She got her treats anyway from Donna anyway.
Aunt Louise gave her some snacks also.

Uncle Mike and Aunt DJ have her a big bag of treats!

We also stopped to see Whitney and Annabelle.

Our last stop was to Nonni and Poppi's but all of those pictures are on her camera. We were supposed to go to Aunt Wendy and Aunt Kathy's on Friday but we did not make it. First, Lydia would not put her costume on, then while trying to get her to rest, I fell asleep! So I guess one night of trick or treat was enough for us. I hope everyone had a great time!