Friday, March 30, 2007


We went to my parents house to watch the game. Lydia was decked out in her WVU oneies and booties. Kim is right. We have to get a cheerleading outfit by football season. I know some of you (Wendy) want pictures of me and Lydia posted. Once I find one that she is not crying to trying to nurse, I will post one. Actually, we have family pictures that our friend Dan took that I am going to post soon. Mark and I are going to attempt to take her two month pictures this weekend so I hope to post some of those if they turn out. Miranda was going to take them, but Braylon is sick and our trip had to postponed....

Taking a bath

This is just one of our favorite pics of her. She doesn't really care for bath-time as of yet and she absolutely hates getting lotion put on. But she likes to get dried off and warm in her Pooh towel afterwards.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My first day with my babysitter

Well today was the first day that I had to pack Lydia up and drop her off. She spent the day with my Aunt DJ. Her and Poppi are going to be alternate babysitters on the days that Mark has to go to Morgantown. It was definately harder to go to work today although only having to work a half day made it easier. This is one of her favorite things to do, play in her gym. She finally has figured out if she kicks the leg thing, that the star will light up and play music. She really goes to town in it now!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This one shows how much of a Daddy's girl she already is. She is hanging out with daddy and sticking her tongue out at mommy. I feel these two are going to team up on me alot during the next 20 some years....

1st Mountaineer basketball game on TV - 02/03/07

Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

Lydia's first friend

This is Lydia's friend Braylon. He is Miranda and Andrew's little boy. Braylon was so good with Lydia, they had a good time together. He was the first child Lydia was around. Lydia and I are going down to fisit Braylon and his mommy this weekend. This weekend will also be Lydia's first overnight trip.

Helping dad avoid work!

After enjoying reading a old dorm buddies blog about her baby, I finally got around to starting one for our family. I know some people have a hard time downloading the pictures so this will be easier to keep eveyone updated on her progress. I will also post some of my fave older pictures to have the first two months on here too.
Here is Lydia Rose. This was from yesterday. Mark took the pictures and emailed them to me so I could see her beautiful smiling face at work! Most of you know, Mark is taking care of Lydia during the day now that I am back to work. He works from home most of the time so that works out wonderfully for us.