Sunday, September 30, 2007

RIP WVU National Championship 09-28-2007

I thought she looked like she was in mourning in this pic...
Happier times, this was tailgating at Aunt Wendy's house before the East Carolina game. That was a much better time, until daddy fell over in chair while holding Lydia. Luckliy daddy did a quick tuck and roll and the only thing hurt was Andrea's parents Tahoe.

Lydia chilling with Uncle Vince

This is Judy and Tom. We became friends with them last year. Their season tickets are right behind ours. They are super nice and always bring something for Lydia. You should see the pretty WVU blanket she made for her when she was born. Tom was a little disapointed that Lydia was not a little he calls her Thomasina.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Huskies

THE SCORE IS WHAT??? Doesn't that look like what she is thinking? I am putting this post up in honor of my high school homecoming is this weekend. This game is actually from last week. But it doesn't matter, North Marion has been getting killed every weekend for three years now. I really hope they start doing better soon...
Poppi, Lydia and her Husky dog...see the look on Poppi's face....

It is on Nonni's face too...Here is Lydia enjoying the perks of having a grandpa that was the school's prinicpal.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gettin' to the game.

Let's Go Mountaineers!!!
Follow me, I know the way.

Getting ready for the ECU game

Going to kick some ECU Pirate butt!

Monday, September 24, 2007

the past six months

here they request...the last six quilt shots, side by side. i cannot even believe how much she has grown. a big thanks to my old classmate/roommate mendi for working this up for me. if you click on the picture, your computer will open it up in a larger window so you can see them more clearly.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The face says it all

Lydia's face says what we felt about the stadium at Marshall...they need some serious, I don't know, diaper changing stations, the same amount of seats that they sell tickets for...any way, this is Lydia's second cousin, Andrew. You might recognize him, he was the back up Mountaineer last year!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Flower

I tried to get this one to upload along with the bathtub one but it wouldn't for some reason. Anyway, this is her flower towel that someone made for her. Paula knows and I'm sure I should but I can't remember right now. Lydia gets lots of gifts, sorry. Just thought it was cute and went along with the bathtub one.

Taking a Big Girl Bath

She's now too big for her little plastic tub so she's got to sit up in the real tub unless she's in there with one of us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Might be a Penguin for Halloween

Mommy couldn't wait to get her a penguin outfit. It's just a little too small though. We're going to try and have it fixed for her.

Tigger-riffic Morning :)

Starting to smile when taking pictures. She's had lots of practice I guess.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Italian Festival

Here was Lydia's first official Italian Festival. Of course, she went last year, but inside my belly! I bought the shirt, that says Made in Italy and the diaper cover says Italia at last years festival. Also at the festival last year I bought a shirt that was the only sex dependent thing I bought the whole pregnancy. It had a little horse on it and it said Future Italian Stallion. Obviously, I did not have Lydia wear that...maybe for the next one. I was disappointed because the whole festival used to have tons of tee shirts and all kinds of things but now there is like two booths with Italian things to sell and the rest is like handbags and other stuff like that. I could not find one thing that said Nonni and Poppi on it. I wanted to buy it for Grandparents Day. I found one shirt that said Nunni and Nanni or something like that....
This is a picture of her eating her first Friti..She did not know what to think of it. Oh, you might have seen this famous girl on TV. We went to the open air mass and channel 5 showed it. My cousin Beverly said she saw us and Miranda saw us when they replayed it later on. Miranda and Braylon actually came with us to the festival..but Braylon slept through the whole thing!

My first WVU game and tailgate

Here she was during the tailgate at the flying fish parking lot. This was the first time some of Mark's friends had met Lydia!

Here is Lydia, mommy and her new buddy Chris. She had met Chris and April for the first time the week before. Hopefully soon we will be traveling down to Flordia to meet a new Stowers family member!

Here is Lydia with Daddy in the stands. Notice the wardrobe change. Nonni could not stand that her hat did not match her WVU cheerleading outfit and that the white diaper cover with the WV logo did not watch very well. So she got a new hat and a gold WVU diaper cover.

After a hard morning of parting and cooking in the sun, Lydster passed out on Poppi. I have just noticed that we do not have a good picture of Lydia in her cheerleading outfit. i will have to double check the Marshal pictures and see if there is one in there. If not, we will have to get one during the East Carolina game.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am bad, bad, bad....

Here is Lydia' s new face she likes to make. Not sure why she started making this face but Mark remembers his sister making the same face while snorting our of her Lydia does. Anyway, I think she is super cute when she does it.
Here is the seven month shot on the quilt. She is getting big. i finally got out some 6-9 month clothes and they fit kinda...the oneies are still long but the footed sleepers fit her good. She can get herself around pretty well. Just ask her about rolling off of mommy and daddy's bed game day morning....she still is not doing the traditional crawling, but she can get where she wants to go. She is also doing great with her signing. She is signing milk pretty consistantly. She actually signs milk, anytime she is hungry or thirsty, so with Lydia it could mean, water, cereal or milk...but we get the drift and the is the point of teaching her to sign...I would say she is about 75% consistant with that makes me happy. I have tons of pictures and stories to blog about..I am just way behind b/c we have been gone. Upcoming blogs, first Italian festival, mommy's birthday, first wvu game and tailgate, first wvu away game....