Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was tagged

I was tagged by Law Chick so here goes

Four Jobs I have had:

A. Dairy Queen Worker

B. JCPenney Clerk

C. Social Worker

D. School Counselor

4 places I’ve been:

A. Hawaii

B. Bahamas

C. St. Augustine, FL


4 movies I’ve watched over and over:

A. You are lucky if you get me to watch a movie once




4 shows I watch:

A. Heroes

B. Law and Order

C. My Name is Earl

D. Office

4 places I’d rather be right now:

A. Home with Mark and Lydia

B. a hotel

C. Hawaii

D. Italy

4 favorite things to eat:

A. pasta

B. pizza

C. ice cream

D. starbucks carmel latte

4 places I’ve lived:

A. Morgantown

B. Mannington

C. Fairmont

D. Westover

4 things I look forward to this new year:

A. Lydia doing cool new things

B. getting healthier

C. traveling

D. having the summer time off

I will tag Jennie and Katie...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Milestone update

Ok we hit a few cool milestones with past weekend. Lydia has officially taken her first steps. She is not walking..but she will take two steps towards something now. Also while taking in her first Fairmont State game on Saturday, she finally got the hang of drinking from a straw. Now she wants to do it all the time. This is a big help to us. I don't have Lydia drink from a sippy cup. She got choked horribly back in the day so she has been just been drinking from a regular cup. Well, let me correct that, she will drink water from a cup, not milk. Yesterday, b/c she was so excited about drinking from a straw, she drank some milk out of a cup. So now I am comfortable really taking the bottle away. With her sickness, she has lost a pound so I was worried about taking the bottle away and her getting even less nutrition. Speaking of sickness, we had to take Lydia back to the doctor on Friday. Her lungs were getting worse so the have her on antibiotic, steroid, and singular for allergic/asthma. She is getting better already, the only bad thing is now she has a horrible diaper rash! But she slept through the night last night, first time in over two months...yeah!!!!!
Alright, that is the update with us. I will get some new pictures soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More V-Day love

Here she is in her Valentine PJ's that Nonni got her. She loves reading. She really likes looking though her cards that she got for Valentines and her Birthday.
Here she is rocking out to her music table. She can sing "cde" with the lady who sings the alphabet on it. She will play that over and over.
And here she is givin' some love to daddy. She has just learned to give hugs...she will even say "ahhhh" when she does it.. It is way too cute.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


So here is Daddy and Lydia on Valentines Day. I cannot believe we are now on her seconds...second Valentines...on Wednesday, it will be the second time she celebrated her daddy's birthday. We took a cute picture of the two of them last Valentines and I wanted to recreate it. But with having a cough for two months now and cutting her first tooth, she was not in the picture taking mood. This one was the best one we got and that was after alot of coaxing. Here is the orginial picture from Valentines 2007. She was two weeks old. We thought it was so funny that she was sticking out her tongue.
Here was what the first four or so pictures looked like, she was thrilled, I know
Two peas in a pod
Getting ready to go.
We are slowly recovering from our weekend. We had Mark a birthday Big Lebowski Bash. People dressed in their pajamas or as someone from the movie. We had a couple Dudes and one Walter. It was alot of fun. We drank Caucasions and bowled on the Wii. It will have to be an annual event!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Jude comes through again

Ok, I could not remember exactly if St. Jude was who you prayed to for helping you to find things...but I do know he is the Saint of lost causes and I figured that my keys had been missing for over a week..it was a lost cause. So I prayed to him on my way to my school yesterday. I was talking about the keys being missing to the parent volunteer and she asked if I looked in my bedroom. I said, you know, I have not. I never bring my keys up there, I have been tearing up my downstairs. Well the more I thought about it the more I remembered that I was by myself bringing her home on Saturday and she was asleep....so I was cleaning up my room this morning and low and behold, there were my keys buried on my dresser! But I knew that people would not want a post just about my keys so here are more one year pictures.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Favorite Places to sit

This is a little rocking chair that my Aunt DJ had for my cousin Mikey. Now Lydia is using it. Although we normally don't get her to sit in it, she likes to stand in it..

She also enjoys taking the books out of this basket or the blocks out of that basket and sitting in it. Here is the new WVU rocking chair. This chair is now near a window. I have a picture of her standing in this chair, pulling back the curtian and looking out the window. It is on my phone, I will have to figure out how to get it on my computer.
Got it to transfer, not sure why it is so small.

Also big news in the Hatten household. Lydia got her first tooth yesterday! I heard it clinking on her glass yesterday morning, checked and there it was!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Party Take Two

Here is the spread. Pizza, wings, chips, veggie/relish tray, spinich dip...sounds more like a Super Bowl party than a first birthday party...
Here is cake number one that Nonni made
Here is cake number 2 that Nonni made
Here are favors/cookies that Wendy got
Here is Lydia with a sugar hangover. Her and Braylon were speeding throught the house holding on to one another. I barely got this shot before they ran me over!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The party

Here is Lydia chowing down on her smash cake. Mom made a whole Winnie the Pooh cake and we took of the head for Lydia to eat on. It was cute seeing her try the different colors of the icing. She did eventually get down to some actual cake there towards the end! Not too messy either.
Here is she blowing out the candle She and Poppi had been practicing all week. You can see the number 1 sugar cookies that Wendy got for the party. I have a better picture of them on the home computer. They were very yummy and very cute! Opening presents. This kid got some much wonderful stuff. Super cute clothes, a whole Little People jungle (the ark, the barn and the zoo) a star named after her, her first CareBear, WVU rocking chair, savings bonds, a silver dollar, a 2 dollar bill, Cinderella DVD, a pink ball picked out from Braylon himself and a beautiful book that Miranda did of pictures of her and Braylon though out the year. Also she received a pearl necklace from her 3rd cousin Beverly that Lydia's namesake (my Grandma Lena, Beverly's Aunt Lena) started for her plus her Godmother Kathy is starting her own add a pearl necklace...We cannot thank everyone enough for being so generous with her...