Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is a picture that just shows off her beautiful face (in my opinion). Mark doesn't like the hat on her but I thought it was cute. We are in a not sleeping phase in my house right now. With her being sick, I don' t know if it is a "I want out of bed" " I want to play with you" "my medicine is making me feel funny and I don't like it" "my head it hurting" "i cannot breath with all this junk in my nose" fit...but she was up screaming over half the night....and this is the third night in a row!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Snoozing away

Here is another picture of Lydia and I. Wendy sent it to me. I think you can really tell how long she is. Or let me rephrase, how long her legs are. She is still comfortably wearing 6 month onesies but I just bought her size 3 socks and size 12-24 month tights, all which fit her I have no idea where these long legs and big feet are coming from...we had her 9 month check up yesterday, I will post that info with her 9 month photo!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Cheese...

Ok, I need to give my husband more chores around the poor kid looks did a pumpkin grow out of her foot!!

I love watching her explore is so fun to watch her learn

what tastes good and what does not...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mountaineer Fun

Here is Lydia finally getting to meet Daddy's long time friend TJ and his daughter Molly at the WVU football game. Well after meeting Molly, I am begining to think all daughter look like their daddy's...
Here is Uncle Vince with Lydia. It was his weekend off so he got to go to the game.

Here is Mommy and Lydia. I am still working on getting more pictures of Lydia and I. You can see her little nose is red from being cold. Since I had such a hard time keeping her warm for that game, I am not taking her to Louisville and I am not sure about the last two games....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here she is, standing up all by herself. She has been doing this for a few weeks. Then last week she started pulling herself up and kinda sitting on her knees. This Sunday morning, I had her on the floor while Mark and I were getting ready for church. This little bugger pulled herself up using a laundry basket then took three steps while pushing the basket!!!! We could not believe it. So of course, I went to Target that night and bought her what was going to be her Christmas of those things you use to walk and then later they can sit on and push themselves around. Now not only is she crawling everywhere, she is pulling herself and getting on top of things! So now, she has learned, as she did tonight, to stand up and cry when she does not want to go to bed. I have tried that past two night to put her down at 8:30 b/c she is not taking naps and is getting super cranky at night. Last night she went down no problem, tonight she pulled herself up two times before Mark finally got her asleep.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Let go Blue Blue Blue

Blue, Blue, Blue is what Braylon calls the Mountaineers. He loves that song. Here are some cute WVU pictures of our little one in Daddy's WVU office.

Let's hope the Mountie's do not drop the ball as Lydia is demostrating here...see ya all at the game!
PS I have had some comments that in Lydia's picture where she is giving me the "mean" look, she looks alot like me...not sure if I should take offence to that or not...just kidding Wendy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Donato's

Well here is Lydia with the Donato men...Lydia is named after Lydia "Lena" Donato these guys mother, my grandmother. My dad is the one with the grey shirt and glasses. My dad's older brother Luke is the one with the yellow shirt and glasses and his younger brother Mike is the only one not wearing glasses. This was at dinner the other night while my Uncle Luke is up visiting from KY. I wish I had noticed the glare on dad's glasses before...but in the little view thingy I have, everything looked fine.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Camping pictures..

I think this one is really funny. We tried and tried to get these kids to look at us. Braylon is in the "I don' t want my picture taken" phase. Lydia was just to busy exploring to be bothered by her Aunt Miranda and mommy taking pictures. I think she is looking at me and saying" enough already mom, I am outta here"
Here is an example of how "thrilled" Braylon was on getting his picture taken. We told him we were not taking his picture, we were taking Lydia's picture. We needed him to be a big boy and hold Lydia for us since she was a tiny baby...well looks like Lydia was holding him! I am not sure how her arm got back there..but it think it is really cute picture. Don't they look like good buddies!
Braylon gave up on his big boy duties and we got some alone pictures of Lydia.

I don't know what they are both examining but they seem very interested.

and of course, Lydia had to try and eat a some wonder the kid ended up sick! She will try and eat everything execpt the Cherrios and Banana puffs I want her to feed herself!

Our Camping Trip

Lydia did this pose completely by was so funny. I put her in the chair and she slumped herself over and propped her foot up like ws too cute.
Cold mornings....but the rest of the weather was beautiful...We were in Harmon and Miranda's parents camp. It is a great place for kids because of the big open field where they can run and play and you can keep your eye on them. We really had a nice time.

Lydia LOVED crawling around on the leaves. They made the same crinkle sound her book makes...
One of the few time we could get her to look at the camera, she was too busy examining the leaves..
like here.

Month 8

Here you go, the picture is not very well done...she is not aligned with the purple line like I have been trying to do but I could hardly get her to stay still long enough...most of the ones I took she was in mid-roll. She loves crawling around. She goes, goes, goes.....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

You better get ready Syracuse

Lydia is coming after you...this morning I peaked in to see her...(on Thursdays I leave the house at 7 and she is not awake yet) and her little hand was hanging out of her crib, resting on top of the bumper was so cute. I tried to take a picture but I think she could smell me by then because she started rumbling around. And last night it was crazy trying to take her picture on the blanket..she will not stay still long enought. It is nuts trying to change her diaper and get clothes on her. Although it is annoying at time, I think it is exciting that she is becoming more independent and can get the toy she wants and crawl to the place she wants to get to....She also is loving standing up in her crib and bouncing up and down. She cannot pull herself up...(Mark claims to have seen her standing in the crib once, and Poppi says she is starting to try and pull herself up on the funiture) If I stand her up, she loves holding onto the railing and standing there. This is also the new way we get through church without a scene. She stands on the pew and looks at all the folks behind us.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cracking up

Here is Lydia having a good time helping daddy work. She is getting better at playing by herself as long as you are in the room with her. So she hangs out and crawls around in daddy's office.

Daddy was told that he used to sleep with his butt in the air. So imagine his delight when he walked in and found Lydia sleeping like this...I am begining to wonder if I was involved in this process at all! I will hopefully get her 8 month quilt shot up tonight or tomorrow.