Friday, June 29, 2007

Traveling Crab

I took Lydia on her first camping and boating experience Wednesday. I think she would have had more fun if she had not been sick...I thought she just had a runny nose because she was trying to cut some teeth. But then we got down to Sutton and the stuff started coming out green. She did ok even thought it was soooo hot and humid.She was just not her super happy self. I thought about staying until Saturday which was the original plan because she slept pretty much though the night...but mommy was up all night with the cold that Lydia gave we did go ahead and go out on the boat Thursday but then we left after we got back to camp.

Here is Lydia and Nonni in the lake. We had my Aunt Paula' niece Trish there with her two kids and my Aunt and Uncle usually camp with another family Jon and Pam. They were there last year when Mark and I went. They knew about the baby and was excited that I had brought Lydia this year. They were disappointed when they thougth Mark was not coming till Friday to play Skip-Bo with them, but then they were more disappointed when we left early.
This is Hassie. My aunt and uncle's dog. She is really good and friendly. She did great with Lydia. Lydia liked watching but she did not try and pet her like she does her kitty Thelma. Funny side story, Mark told me this morning that Thursday, Thelma broke into the bedroom/nursery and put Lydia's Eeyore in her mouth and brought it to him! She did this one other time when I took Lydia and stayed with my mom so Mark could strip wallpaper. Thelma brought him a pair of Lydia's pants from her dirty clothes basket. I guess Mark has been replaced!

All tuckered out from swimming. She HATED that thing. Luckily, my aunt and uncle just ride for a while then they dock for most of the afternoon and swim. So Lydia only had to wear it for part of the time. I think she just felt strangled...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Water Baby

Swimming with Uncle Vince
Swinging with Nonni

Well thankfully, after my doubt in the begining, Lydia has become a regular old water baby. She even likes baths now. I got some really cute video footage of her playing with Daddy and Uncle Mike last night. If you sit on the steps and put her on her belly on your knees, she will swim! I was putting her around the pool on her belly and she dipped her face in the water. Well, she breathed in some water and coughed for a mintue was she was fine...(still scary after her NICU start for swallowing in fluid) but Lydia was PISSED OFF AT ME. She wanted nothing to do with me. I had to give her to Nonni to calm her down...She has put her face in water before and been fine. I guess this was the first time she sucked in a little water...I want to put her in a swimming class here at Fairmont State but they have to be 6 months old. Maybe this fall....ok well here were three posts to make up for slacking and that I will be gone for the next week camping. I will post camping pictures when I get back.

Love that oatmeal

Licking every last drop!
Nonni took this picture after she finished feeding Lydia her cereal. She thought it was funny how much she LOVED eating. We tried yesterday putting a little of my mom's homemade applesause in the rice cereal because ever since she has started the oatmeal in the mornings, she does not want to eat her rice cereal at night. Anyway, that had messy consequences. Nonni ended up putting her in the bathtub because she overflowed her more apples for a while.

Our Walking Buddy Pam

This is Pam. She was Lydia and I walking buddy all last summer (even thougth Lydia was in my belly) She was one of the first folks that knew we were prego. We have got to walk some this summer before she left for Flordia...and hopefully we get to walk more before she moves to Florida for good!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

This was from a couple of weeks ago, I think it is just a cute look on her face. Mark gets her to make the funniest faces (except for the sears photo incident...) Anyway, we have had a busy week. After tons of help from folks, the part of the kitchen I can do is finished. The floor should be in this week. My new hardware for the cabinets will be in next week. I need to talk to my dad's friend Roman about ordering a countertop and when he can put that in for me. But the painting is finished. Then we left on Friday to spend time with our friends Miranda, Andrew and the famous Braylon. Mark went camping with his grade school buddies in Summersville and Lydia and I went and met up with the Weekelys at Miranda's parents house. Bonita and David are so good to us, we just feel like we are at home when we stay there. Lydia ate it up. Her best bud Braylon was there. She got to meet another friend Jolee (sorry, not sure if I have that spelled right, correct me Miranda) Jolee is 2 1/2 and Braylons cousin. I do not have pictures of them because Mark took the camera but I have video of them "talking" to one another. They squeal and squak at each is so funny. I swear they can understand what the other is saying. A weird story, they were talking to each other and I asked Braylon what was Lydia saying, he said, "she's thristy". Would you believe that I looked at the clock and it was 4 hours from her last feeding....she was thirsty! I thought it was can make your own conclusions. Anyway, thanks for the great weekend and the camp fire...we loved it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Not that this blog needs any more pictures of Lydia and her daddy....but here is one in honor of Fathers Day. This picture is actually from Tuesday when we went swimming. I meant to take one of him swimming with her today but I was busy on grill duty and never got around to taking a picture. I hope all the dad's had a great day today!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Relax from the craziness in my cozy crab

Nonni bought the cozy crab (althought she has been calling it a lobster) for Lydia to use in their pool. It has the 50 UVB sunblock built right in, as well as the bathing suit and the sunscreen I slathered on her. (yes I know she is not 6 months old yet, but I thought the risk of chemicals out weight the risk of sunburn) She really has a good time swimming on Tuesday. She played in it forever. Here is another bad mommy moment to go with the sunscreen. We put water in the little part up front and she kept dunking her teether in the water then licking it off of the teether. Oh well, she is still her and she had alot of fun doing it!

Why I have been MIA...

Here is what is finished of the WVU office. I think we made a big boo-boo. We could NOT get the wallpaper off to save our lives. So we put joint compound and primer over it...but did not put primer over the whole wall. now the blue that is over the purple is different than the blue over the white....I am hoping a coat or two and will not matter.....
Here is what is left of my kitchen. I am still trying to think of ideas of paint for the cabinets and paint for the walls and will still compliment my fiestaware. Not sure what I am doing for flooring either. Peel and stick tile is out b/c I am not scraping off the glue from that tile. It is from the 50's and we are pretty sure it is asbestos. So I am now looking at ceramic tile or a floating floor of some type.

Here are the 25, yes 25, cabinets and drawers that we had to scrape, peel and primer...I am going to look at floor and paint tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nonni's Birthday

Ok, I am playing catch up a little. This picture was back from my mom's birthday on May 23rd. Lydia was helping her open her presents and the little bugger really was pulling ribbon and paper! Mark and I are crazy right now. We are in the middle of painting his office the official WVU blue and gold and re-doing our kitchen. right now I have the disgusting carpet pulled up thanks to my brother Vince and Mark, and all of the my top cabinets sanded and painted with primer thanks to Aunt DJ, my brother Mike . tomorrow we are tackling the bottom cabinets and drawers. and thanks to Kathy and the margarita I gave her, not much sanding will be needed for those...Now I just need to decide on floor, and a color for the cabinets and walls...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

4th Month

Well here is the quilt shot. She is now 12 lbs and 2 oz and 23.5 inchs long. I was entering her weight into a website that charts them for you in the percentiles...and her 2 month weight was below the 3rd I now know why the doc was so upset. now is in the lower part of the shaded area but she is now in the shaded area so that makes me happy. the doctor also is now satisfied with her growth. Her head is now completley covering the stars.... I cannot believe how long she is getting!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lydia first Pirates game

Ok, so my husband is not the biggest Pirates fan but Lydia is...she loved the game and did so well while she was there. (Mark is having fun with the photo program we have, Dan finally showed him some tricks) We did get lucky b/c is was slightly cranky when we first got there, it was sooo humid. but once it cooled off we had no problems. Ever since Uncle Vince bought her that tee shirt in Flordia (Pirates training camp), he wanted to take her to a game. This was also her first trip out of state!

Lydia and I with the Jolly Roger, I would have rather got the parrot but this new mascot was the only one around for pictures.

Lydia with Uncle Vince and his friend Anne

Here is what she looked like as the Pirates took the field. So far she really loves watching sports. She will watch any sport you have on the television (even boxing!) I cannot wait for football season. Now I am glad that we dropped the $$$ for the season tickets for WVU football. I think she is going to really enjoy the games.