Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Whole Family

We finally got a picture of everyone in the household at once. It's not the greatest pic in the world as it's very difficult to pose two cats and a baby but we had fun trying. Thanks to Uncle Dan and Aunt Kathy for helping out.

Ride'em Cat-girl:)

Thelma is the most cooperative cat in the world. She doesn't mind letting Lydia take a little joy ride every once in a while. Once when Mark still lived with Dan and Kathy they decorated Thelma Lou with Christmas lights and she just sat there like nothing was going on.

I've Arrived, Let the Spoiling Begin!

Practicing sitting up in a chair.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rolled over

Hey all, no picture tonight but I promise some soon. Tomorrow is Mark and I's anniversery and Tuesday I am leaving for a conference so it might be next weekend before I post.
Today was Lydia's baptism. Of course I forgot my camera in the car but lots of people were taking pictures so I hope to get some from folks soon.
But very exciting news to share, Lydia rolled over this evening...of course it was not when Mark and I were both there cheering her one with the video camera on was when I had her on the bathroom floor, putting lotion her her back. I was warming up lotion in my hands when she just rolled herself over! I was shocked. I yelled for Mark, he brought the camera up and she did roll over again. We have been trying to tape different things she does (which is not much yet) and we put them on a dvd and send them down to his mom.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lydia's Gym Workout

This kid really loves her gym! mark puts her on it at least once a day but usually twice. It it really cute because she has figured out that if she kicks the bar her star will play music and light up. She loves it!
I have been trying to post a picture of my friend Michelle and her little boy Will with Lydia but the site will not upload it. As well as a picture of Lydia riding Thelma Lou like a horse but the site will not accept it.. They are super cute, hopefully I will be able to get them up somehow.
For a quick update, many of you know that I have having to take Lydia in for weight checks because the doctors have not been satisfied with her weight gain. Good news on Monday, she is us up to 9lbs and 10 oz...yeah! She does not have to go back now until her 4 month appointment.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Wendy

On Friday Lydia and I went to dinner with Wendy, Bryce and Cathy. We had a really good time. I have surprised myself on how much I can do with one hand while feeding Lydia a bottle with the other. After dinner we went up to Target to grab her some formula. It is weird to me how complete strangers will come up to me and compliment her and want to know how old she is. And when they find out that is 2 and half months old they always say how little she is and want to know how much she weighs and what she weighed when she was born. Other mothers will want to talk about her, if she is my first kid, is she sleeping though the night, one mom (who I did not know, met her in the Starbucks in Target when her little girl wanted to come and look at Lydia) asked me about my labor! I guess having kids just gives you this motherhood bond with other mothers.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Miranda's work

Here is one of the beautiful pictures that Miranda took of Lydia. She was only a couple of weeks old and this was one of her first smiles. Notice I said one of her firsts, one thing that I read to help mom's that are going back to work was not to obsess about "firsts". Everything evolves in steps, that way you will not have a meltdown when you husband calls you a Monongah Elementary and says your daughter rolled over. (thankfully she had almost rolled over, but I keep telling myself it would have been ok if she had completely rolled over)
Several folks told me that they were using it as the background of their computer...I keep telling Miranda she could do this for a living, she just has an eye for it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Month

These were my attempt at taking "professional" looking picture for her one month pictures. As you can see, she was not very cooperative. I don' t know how my girlfriend Miranda does it. She always send out beautiful pictures of Braylon every month...I weighed Lydia today and my scale says she has gained almost a pound! So hopefully I will not get in trouble from the doctor this monday...althought I also noticed that I gained three pounds..only I can be going to the gym and breastfeeding and still gain weight! I give up.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mommy and Me

Ok, here you go Wendy. I stole Lydia away from Mark and made him take a picture of her and I. I had just fed her and my Aunt DJ and just gave her a bottle so she was not trying to eat me! She is changing so much. When she was first born she looked exactly like Mark. The only thing that was mine was her hands. Then when we took her first month pictures, I thought she looked exactly like me and nothing like Mark. Looking at this photo today....she might be going back to Mark's favor...
There was another photo of her standing up and she looks like a china doll. Her eyes were huge. I almost posted that one so that everyone could see the black patent leather shoes I hunted all of God's creation looking for. But since you could see them in the other photos, I posted this one because it she has a more natural and cute look on her face. Who knew that baby shoes were so hard to find!

Family Photo

I have been trying to post a really cute picture that our friend Dan took of our whole family (yes, that included Thelma and Marian) but for some reason I cannot get it to I had my brother Vince take another one of us today. Of course no kitties in this one since Vince is very allergic to them. I hate that she has that binkie in her mouth but she was getting very cranky and I wanted a picture before one of us got food on our outfit. I have to give her credit thought, she was so good during church. I think she was one of the only kids that did not cry and no, she did not sleep through the whole mass.

Easter Sunday

Here she is with her beautiful dress and her Easter eggs. I of course took a picture with all the baskets she received. Her godmother, Kathy, made her a basket with a bunny, a cute purple outfit and a teething rattle. Her Nonni and Poppi got her a bathing suit, a matching sun hat, sunglasses and a Winnie the Pooh Easter Bear book. The Easter Bunny (mommy and daddy) got her a basket with the cover up to match her bathing suit, Alice in Wonderland DVD, and Peter Cottontail book. She is ready for the pool during our girls trip to Charleston in two weeks and for Nonni and Poppi's pool this summer.

It took a couple of tries for Uncle Vince and Mommy to get her to sit up and look at us. Our first attempt she was doing great, then she fell over. When I went to pick her back up, I scratched her with my needless to say we did not get to take another attempt until 2 hours later. ( I guess food makes everyone feel better) I cannot imagine taking her to a professional photographer now....I first thought I would take her at 3 months, 6 months 9 months then at 12 months. I guess we will see.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Saturday night we colored Easter eggs. I think she liked looking at the bright water b/c she had no interest in the eggs after they came out of the coloring. Later that evening my cousin Mikey and his wife Jennifer came over and brought Lydia her first Easter present. It is a gym that goes from a kick gym for her now, then it converts all the way to a bench and drawling easel for when she is a toddler. It is really neat.

Lydia's First Kiss

She never laughs when we kiss her, especially her daddy with his scratchy whiskers....

Braylon and Miranda's Visit 4/7/07

I have missed a few days so I am going to do a few posts

Since our original visit last weekend was canceled due to Braylon being sick, Miranda and Braylon decided to stop by on Saturday on their way to a baby shower. They are soo good together.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Shower Time

Lydia does not like the bath tub but she loves showers! I found this out by accident really. She hated sponge baths so my friend Miranda sent up Braylon's baby tub. The first time I put her in it she did ok but everytime after that she screams and cries. One day we were in a hurry to get ready so I just decided to jump in the shower with her so I could clean off too...and she loved it. I even put her directly under the water and she just sits there. So now she get a shower with Mommy or Daddy everynight before bed. I hope that her dislike of the bathtub does not spill over to a dislike of Nonni and Poppi's pool this summer..

Monday, April 2, 2007

2 Months Old

My friend Jennie shared with me what she did with her little girl. She took her picture on the same quilt every month so that she could see Elizabeth's progress. So I got started a little late with Lydia, but here she is... Today was tough, it was her two month check up this morning and she had to get her shots. It is definately a different cry when they are in pain. But she seems to be OK right now but I still ended up just taking the day off so I could watch I have a sinus infection so we hope to go back to bed and be cranky for the rest of the day!

Family Game night

Mark and I love bored games so now of course we include Lydia. She went along with us last Saturday when we went and played cards with Nonni, Poppi, Walter and Linda. She enjoyed watching us. So when her daddy and I played Scene It this Saturday, we let her join in the fun.