Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

So things have been a little crazy around here lately. School started back last Thursday so that set off some new issues with Lydia. She has been more than a little clingy. If I breath in the morning she is up and crying for me. We might be transitioning to the big girl room sooner than planned. It is too hard on my working mommy guilt to have her crying for me the whole time I am getting ready...the Wiggles did a good job of distracting her this morning but the last thing I want to do is get her "hooked" on another TV show...I am sure we will work it out in time.

Then on Sunday Mark broke yet another thing on wheels...Lydia's cart for the bikes. We went for another bike ride. We rode out for about 5 miles and then Mark wanted to have Lydia ride back on his bike to give me a break. Well he decided to practice going through the wooden poles they have up so that ATV riders cannot get on the trail...well after successfully going through like 10 sets of them..that set was not wide enough. So the cart was broken beyond repair. We are 5 miles from our car, with a broken cart, two bikes and a screaming kid. (she was not hurt, just mad to be in the cart and not going fast) Mark biked back to the car and planned on bringing the car to Pricketts Fort..only 2.5 miles away. I started the long trek with pushing my bike, and pulling the cart with Lydia screaming in it. A few people tried to help but the spring was completely shot and their was just no way of rigging it even to just get us to our car. This one gentlemen ended up coming back. He said that he was a member of the Fairmont Riders Club and they tried to help out anyone on the trail and he could not just leave me the way things were. I told him the only way I knew he could help was to find out what some of these other roads where and how to get to them so we could call Mark and he could pick us up there instead of Pricketts Fort. And that is exactly what he did. He was our guardian angel. It took me 45 minutes just to go half of a mile....God only knows how long it would have taken us to walk all the way back. We waited for Mark by a church that had an awesome playground. So that cheered Lydia up right away. He even called back Mark's cell phone to make sure he had found us..all that and I forgot to get his name!!
After our long hot dusty trek on Sunday, both Lydia and I have been fighting a bad allergy attack...and losing I might say. Monday evening I went to bed at 7:30 (after laying on the couch from 6:30-7:30) Lydia is back to coughing and such...but hopefully the Claritin will win out soon.
Another wacky thing...I looked on the home computer last night for a picture to put up with a 10 for Tuesday pictures..can you believe we have not taken a picture of Lydia for over 7 days!!! Mark used to email me pictures every day while I was at work! I hope to get some good ones at the WVU home opener this weekend.
So headache/sinusache/heartache aside, things are going pretty well in Hatten land....Lydia spoke her first three word sentence. She was crying and she was able to tell us what had happened. Then another cute story. One day we watched Curious George and he had a periscope. The next day I was running the sweeper and one of the hose attachments fell off. She picked it up, put it to her eye and said "monkey"...I thought it was great that she was able to remember something like that from the day before...She is just getting funnier, cuter, and smarter every day..She is such a blessing in my life..ok,must not cry at work....damn this mommy guilt!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hatten Hoedown

Last night Mark got his guitar out and we all danced. Lydia actually got to pick around on the guitar and loved it.

I know that Mark would be super psyched if Lydia wanted to play an instrument. She does like to dance so who know....
Sorry for the short one today..I have had a horrible headache all day but I really wanted to get these pictures up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. I am so sad summer is over. I loved being home with Lydia.

2. I am glad that Miranda, Andrew and Braylon got moved into their new home!

3. Ruby is finally fixed. We can pick her up today. 6 weeks later. I don't even want to talk about how the guys estimate tripled when I asked how much we owe...He did several repairs we did not authorize.

4. My house is finally getting fixed. The roof and chimmey has been repair and he tore out the plaster. Now we wait on rain to make sure there is no more leaks and he will patch everything back up!

5. I have been getting some AWSOME deals lately. Lydia's swing set. Black dress flats for a $1. a beautful dress for $9. I hit the clearance racks at the right time.

6. Don't you love home grown tomatoes..yum. I am eating a tomato from the garden and cottage cheese as I type.

7. I love my hubby for trying to get something together for my birthday but running it by me first because he knows I don't like big surprises like that.

8. I also have been picking up little odds and ends for Lydia's big girl room. A big thanks for Kathy for "volunteering" to sew Lydia a quilt...

9. I am trying to decide if I want to keep my bedroom red or paint it a color to match my wedding quilt and start using that.

10. See number 1

Friday, August 15, 2008


What is up with these guys...Lydia has been up since 3:30 with a belly ache. I finally gave up on getting her back to sleep and put on the TV so try and get her to rest on the couch. The Wiggles came on (which I have never watched with her and as far as I know she has not seen them) She shouted WIGGLES..and hopped down and started doing the Cha-Cha with them...maybe she is channeling Sophie B...I know she went to see them today....this is crazy.

UPDATE..I just looked into the living room and Lydia is standing on the coffee table, playing her instrument (a plastic piggy bank with money in it) and dancing..this Wiggles are the devil!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bike ride

So we finally got break out the bike trailer on Tuesday. Mark and I love to ride bikes with my pregnancy and then having a 3 month old.. we have not ridden in 2 years! So it was fun to ride again. Lydia loved her hat which I was worried about.

I'm ready!!
Here we go!
At first I thought that Mark would have her ride on his bike but it ended up that we attached her to my bike. I was very nervous because I am not a very good biker...ask the scar on my right knee. But I did fine. I actually did not even know she was back we did not do any big hills or anything but on the flat, it was great.
We only rode about 3 miles because it started getting dark but we are definitely going to do more biking in our future.
I was a bunny. She calls those my ears then makes me hop around the porch...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Times

So I finally found and my first time on I find two awesome things for Lydia. First was a 24 month Reebok Steelers Cheerleading outfit for $5 and a swing set! We needed something small because we do have have a big flat space...we have a big yard but most of it is on a slant. This one was perfect.
and a big success too!

Here is our Mommy and Me photo for the week. This one is special....because I am not mommy in it. If you notice Lydia has "turned" me into something. Again, her imagination is really starting to show. She has done this everytime we are outside for the past who can guess who or what is in this photo with Lydia...and Nonni is not allowed to guess.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mannington Fair with a blast from the Past at the end

Here we go the big, bad, the second largest fair in the state...the Mannington Fair. This first picture is from the parade Miranda and Braylon got to go on the Hospice float...(Mir let me know if Mark sent you the pictures or if you still need them) The parade is always tons of fun, especially when you know folks in it!
So a huge disappointment was that again this year the only thing the Lydia could ride was the Merry Go Round. They would not even let her ride things with us like the ferris wheel. This was a big disappointment because she rode so many rides at the park in Ocean City.

Here is Daddy and Lydia this year and here is Daddy and Lydia last year.

Mommy found the same horse from last year with the roses on it!

and as promised a huge blast from the past....TA DA... my mommy and me on a merry go round. I am not sure where the picture if from. It has August 1980 on the back so it is possible it is from the Mannington Fair..but for some reason I am thinking my mom said it was from a amusement park or something..she will have to post and tell us. But I would have been 23 months old and Lydia is 18 months old so pretty close in age. And you can see..she really does not look like me at all....

So super funny fair story....Those of you who don't know the fair is split between two places in a way. The main rides are on the pop warner football field. Then you walk through the public pool parking lot, cross a little foot bridge and you are on the side with the food and animals. So we were leaving the rides to go and get some food. We were in the parking lot where WVAQ (our local radio station) had their boom box set up blasting some hip hop something. ( I love hip hop so no disrespect, I just really did not know who it was) Lydia pulls her hand away from Nonni and starts busting a move...I mean REALLY busting a move. I have never seen my child get into dancing like that night. She blew all her MJ dancing out of the water. She started some new arm moves and swinging her tush like there was no tomorrow. People were stopping and watching her...I am not kidding or exaggerating in the least. It was the funniest and cutest thing I have ever witnessed. We had to bribe her with lemonade to get her to stop and walk to the other side. And even then, she would get taken over by the groove and start up again. Eventually Nonni just had to pick her up and carry her...I wish you could have seen it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girly Things

So I try to expose Lydia to "boy" and "girl" things but lately she has been all girlie...I have had to give her some of my old/free/who knows where they came from make up brushes. She likes to put her make up on while I is us getting ready for the Mannington Fair

She also likes playing tea. Now, while she was sleeping, I set up Elmo, Donald and Carebear and set the stuff out. She loved it. She just knew how to pour and feed the dolls their was really really cute.

She also is starting a love affair with Cinderella. She started liking the movie at the beach and now wants to read the book all the time. She carries her bucket and will say "rella"..she also can name Jasmine, Snow White, and Ariel. We are still working on Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I love how she says "rella" too..she sticks her tongue out..very cute.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Trouble

Can you just see the evil laugh coming out of her....I am sure her and daddy got into all kinds of trouble and fun without mommy there.... and who can blame her with all these fun things around? I am not sure she has ever seen so many toys in her life!
This is Mark's Uncle Mike. He live in Virginia with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters..I think we are pretty sure that Lydia's future siblings will be sisters..seems like these Hatten men can only produce perfect little girls! (and no I am NOT making any announcements)

I think she looks incredibly tall in this picture...and old
Lydia has her 18 month appointment today..Dr. Dev said.."well all she has left is her two year old appointment and we are all done with her baby stuff" WHAT !!!???!!!...all done with baby stuff....when the hell did this happen! ACK! I am the mother of a toddler...and let me tell you she was all "terrible twos" at her appointment. We only have an approximate weight b/c she REFUSED to sit on the baby scale or stand on the big girl scale. I had to literally lay on her to get her length..and if I hear her say NO one more time..the doctor and nurse were very impressed on her verbal skills. I am sure he would have been impressed on her walking or running skills if she would have done them. So we think she is 23 pounds and 3 ounces and 31.75 inches tall. I did not look up the exact percentiles but the doctor said that she was following her growth curve perfectly.

Don't look Braylon!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hatten Reunion

This weekend I took a girls trip with my friend Kathy to Philly to help her with her sister's baby shower. It happened that it was the same weekend of Mark's family reunion. So after a Lydia tug of war..... Here is Lydia parting it up without mommy around...this was the longest and farthest I have ever been away from her.
This was a Batman mask...
Dancing the night away..speaking of dancing..someone remind me to blog about the fair Monday night...
Mark said that she loved this pig that you put coins in and it counted up how much you "saved"
Lydia's hero!