Friday, April 30, 2010

More Hatten Family Vacation

Getting kisses from the newly renamed Grandma RiRi. Here is Aunt Nat new haircut. Lydia was so excited to see her and keeps asking when she is going to see her again..
Silly or Scary face..I don't know which one she is doing and they are the same.

Rock n Roll face..her Uncle Chris taught her that

Here is Lydia taking care of her very sick mama...this is how I spent most of my vacation. It was very restful I guess.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here is Lydia being a conductor on the skylift thing we rode while at Gatlinburg. She got to stand with the conductor and she just loved that all the folks on there were talking to her and praising her for such a good job. We decided to ride that to get a better view of the Smokey Mountains since the weather and my health was not cooperating for much hiking.
On the way up she showed us this "cabin". It is owned by Mattel and is an exact replica of the Barbie dream house..isn't awesome? Anyone can rent it..anyone with tons of cash that is...

I tried to get a nice "three generations of Hattens" photo but as many of you know..getting a three year old to cooperate is kinda hard.

This was really the best one we got.

Here was our version of rock climbing. I guess this picture tells a big reason of why I don't keep purses for long..could I have stuffed anymore crap in there!!!

Lydia playing around on the rocks.

This was our 10 minute hike from the day before that did not go well.

Click, take a pic! Lydia hanging out at the cabin pretending to take pictures of everyone.

and this is for Lara...Lydia does have the right gear..I have no idea how she did not end up in any of her Mountaineer gear for the pictures. LOL.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tennesse Trip

So I am just going to say right now, I will post very few pictures of myself from this trip because I was sick the whole trip. I look awful in all of them. I had a head cold on the way down then on Tuesday it turned into one of the worst cases of stomach flu I have ever had.
So anyway, this was the only black bear we saw in the land of black bears. It was raining most of the trip so we did not get to hike as much as we wanted.
Here is Lydia and daddy being silly with the black bear. The kitty that Mark is holding was a gift from the lady where we ate lunch. It was a super cute and very yummy cafe but she called Lydia a boy. So I think she felt bad and gave her the stuffed cat!
More funny pictures with the bear.

She was not real sure about standing beside him.

The cabin was wonderful. It was better than the website promised. How often do you hear that?

Here was the hallway to the bathroom.

The master bedroom.

The huge tub and the water heater was big enough to fill it with hot was so nice.

More to come..


Check out Miranda's blog for some fun pictures of us bowling with the Weekley!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts

Here is Lydia playing with one of her dots from her party.

Here she is eating her most favorite food Cheerios!

This was Lydia chillin at the hotel down in Charleston when we were watching the Lady Huskies win their back to back state championships.

This was cheering on our Final Four Mountaineers!