Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Christmas Spirit

Here another outtake..this one is the best of these poses..again Mark was talking in them..Zack did such a great job and he just took them at his Mama's house.
Here is Lydia being a cutie. Here is her super cheese smile. This is the only picture where you can see her matching sparkle headband and shoes.

and of course more with the reindeer.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Sneak Peaks

Here was more pictures of our Christmas/Family/Lydia' 4 year old photo shoot..can you tell how much we like taking photos??? Mark actually does love taking candid photos of Lydia but under pressure, Lydia does not do so great and put her and Mark in a photo together ugh!

So I am lovin this new store in the Meadowbrook Mall called Crazy 8's. Lydia picked out this outfit on her own. She told me from the beginning that she wanted to wear a red sweater for her photos. I had just asked her what color sweater to kinda prompt her. And of course in true Lydia luck..she found a red sweater DRESS. She still asks every morning if she can wear a dress and tights with no holes (she hates leggings??? don't ask, I have NO idea why)

I cannot complain though, I wanted a girly girl to dress up and I got one. Now if she would grow some hair for me to play around with all will be right with the world.

Isn't this the sweetest picture? This dress is her annual gift from her Aunt Mary Gay and Uncle Frankie..but the awesome headband is from Crazy 8's again.

She is totally into watching Christmas movies. After years of watching Mickey Christmas she has moved on to Frosty Winter Wonderland (were Frosty gets married) and a Scooby Doo DVD where there is three or four Christmas episodes on it.
Here are a few of the family outtakes..not the really funny ones..I am saving that for whole separate post. I like this one because it show all "four" of us. We have been slacking on the whole belly shot thing so it was nice to have one..too bad Mark is talking in it..He has a horrible habit of doing that..he thinks he is being sly and talking to Lydia out of the side of his mouth but you just goofy pictures.Plus Lydia is using my boobs as a chair but I still like it.
Can I say that Lydia picked out our outfits. She and I went shopping and I had two other sweaters picked out for Mark but she begged me to buy this one. Mark was very hesitant about the color and pouted for days when I showed it to him but I though it looked awesome on him. Then I wanted a different color sweater for myself but she kept telling me this one was beautiful so I went her gut. Honestly, she has never steered me wrong yet. She also helped with pants. Motherhood finally started carrying petite pants so I picked up a few pair. I have pants but I get tired of looking sloppy and having them drag the floor!Hi Hatten twins...who is that weird outcast sitting with the two of you...sigh..maybe I have some hope with number two.
I know there are little things I can do that make her look a little more like me...like when I put her hair in pigtails or when she is giving dirty or evil looks at people..but seriously folks..my chin and lips gets lots in all that Hatten.