Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Braylon's Potty Party

Last night we went to Braylon's potty party. I was so happy for Miranda that they finally made it here. She has been trying and trying with Braylon for a long time..but was not getting with the program. He would go when you took him but he would tell you when he needed to go. Thankfully after a couple weeks of charting his progress, he made it 3 days of telling them he needed to go! So we went over to help celebrate. I took this picture from Miranda because we had our camera with us but left it in the car...so again I do not have a mommy and me picture for this week. Not that I would have wanted you to see her in this outfit...My aunt watched her yesterday changed her from her Nike outfit to a Camo outfit that my uncle bought her. Then all of you know about my daughter obsession with beads...so I put my puca shell necklace on her. Quite a site. She had a good time hanging out with Braylon and feeding him cheesy poofs. She did not like the noisemakers though....she cried every time anyone would bring one near her let alone blow it. Can I also say that I am not looking forward to this in anyway and would rather just change diapers forever! My mom wants to buy her a potty chair now...but I don't want to do this. I think I would rather just get one of the seats for the real toilet. The less I have to deal with it the better I think...but who knows. I have learned to never say " I will NEVER do that"...I also was looking over some of my posts...my typing/spelling has been horrible. Those of you that know me already know that I am a terrible speller. I am embarrassed to say the only way I passed freshman english with a B was to cheat my through it due to the weekly vocabulary tests. I knew all the definitions but I could not spell anyone of them. I will not call out the guilty...(not that he would have any chance of reading this blog) but he would whisper the spelling in my ear..then he would look of my paper for the definitions because he could not remember those...*hanging head* we both got good grades. So my bad spelling on top of trying to type fast at work so no one sees me doing this...well you all have seen and had to read the results....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Girl

Well once again, our real camera is MIA. Mark thinks it is in his camping/fishing stuff. So once again you are stuck with the little phone pictures. I am also not sure why they look like it was done in a dream sequence on Days...I sure it is some lighting issue. So here is our big girl feeding herself yogurt. She also helped mommy make pancakes earlier..I know have bisquick everywhere in my kitchen...but helped her stop yelling Cracker, Cracker. Cracker is the word she currently uses for anything bread like...this morning it meant pancakes!

She just looks so big now. I know she has gotten taller b/c her belly is not a pouched out and she is longer than half of me now. We will have her official 15 month appointment soon so I can give you the specifics.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Anniversy Mama and Daddy

So yesterday was Mark and I's 3rd anniversary. I was at a conference in Flatwoods and did not get home until 6:00. So Mark had made dinner and kept Lydia at my parents (they were babysitting her yesterday during the day) So after a yummy dinner we went to pick up Lydia and they had bought us a Dairy Queen cake (YUM) Mom tried to get Lydia to help her carry the cake into Mark and I but this is what she kept doing...

We could not put the cake near her or her whole head would be in it. Mom's camera was being weird so I took some with the phone. The funny one with her icing/ice cream all over her face was too fuzzy to even post...but it was really cute. I guess she did get somethings from me! She just does not look anything like me!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hangin out

Here is Lydia on our walk the other day. I had a horrible day at work last Thursday so when I got home we packed up Lydia and went to the park. The picture is with the phone so it is small but it is really cute. She has been carrying around her water cup like she is in this picture. She also is being obsessed with sticks. She loves being outside. I came home yesterday to a filthy husband and kid. They took Earth day seriously and took to planting stuff outside. I am currently at a conference which obviously has wi-fi (thank God). Mark sent me this picture of Lydia playing the clean clothes. She found my dress and put it on. I guess she was walking around wearing it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here we are at the Gold Blue game. It was really nice...hotter then I thought it would be.

Here was Lydia helping dad fish at Chestnut Ridge Park.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So Friday evening Miranda asks if we want to go to Barnes and Noble with her mom, her niece, and Braylon. Lydia and I met up with them. We went to that playground at the Morgantown Mall and again Lydia loved it. I wish they would do one at the Middletown Mall! Then over to BN. I notice a sign...guess who was the special guest...Pooh! So not only did Lydia get to meet Elmo last weekend, she got to meet Pooh this weekend. I guess we need to plan a trip to Flordia so she can meet House and Cuck....
Here she is checking Pooh out.
Here is the gang listening to Pooh's spring time story.
I could not get her to stand by Pooh, but she would sit in the chair by him and "sit like a big girl, like when she brushes her teeth"
Right when we were pulling out of BN to go shopping..Daddy called. His camping buddy came down with the stomach flu and he was on his way home. So we met him out at Chestnet Ridge Park and played around. After all the excitement, this is what we got..

and she want not the only one. We all took a family nap when we got home!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mommy's sick days

This is ow Lydia and I started my sick days this week. Chillin on the couch, eating cereal. We were pretty calm but of course she has spring fever so it was not too long before I say this.. She wanted to go outside to search for tweet-tweets. She also was very excited about this shirt that daddy picked up for her. It has her two favorite people in the world....Cuck and House. (Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse) She kept patting her shirt saying "house"
I did take her outside for a little while. She found another stick to play with..
Here is another picture of Lydia in dad's hats. She think it too funny and cute. She love to take them off of his head and put then on hers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sunday Family Day/Week 2 photos

The first photo is our second week of mommy and me pictures. We were at Prickets Fort feeding the ducks. Next is her and daddy looking out at the Cucks. She kept eating the stale bread instead of feeding the cucks. That ended up with her throwing it up all over me!

Here is another funny story. Most of you know that I LOVE the Dairy Queen. I worked at the Dairy Queen and I have never given up the 15 pounds that I gained there. Anyway, I love the ice cream there and really don't like it from elsewhere. Now those of you from around her know about a little ice cream place called Dairy Cream Corner. People go crazy for this ice cream. You can get in wrecks there for people going in and out of their parking lot. You wait forever for the ice cream. Anyway, I am not a big fan but it will do for a subsitute. So we went after the the cucks. I got Lydia a baby cone. She took one bite and refused to eat anything more...so I guess she is a ice cream snob like her mama! Here we are trying to walk off some of ice cream calories.
PS sorry about the bad layout. I did this whole post on the Junior League blog by accident and I have been trying to cut and paste...it did not go well.

Saturday Family Day

After mommy slept in until 1:30....(I have not been feeling well) we had a calm family day. But let me tell you; this girl is on the move. She will bring you her shoes and say tweet-tweets...meaning she wants to go outside and play while looking for birds. She found her first flower and we found that she had 4 teeth coming in. That is right, this poor baby has all 4 of her top teeth coming in at the same time. She has a little runny nose that I thought was allergies acting up again..but now it think it is her teeth. This is what I see of her mostly...
I thought this picture was too cute. She will now hold her hand up so that she can walk around when she doesn't feel steady.
She likes to pick up sticks
Mark and her were blowing bubbles. She actually blew once but we could not get her to do it again. She started sniffing the bubbles instead.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I got the idea of taking Lydia to Sesame Street Live because I wanted to get tickets for Braylon for his birthday. I thought she might like it. I thought it would be like the movies...watch for 30 mintues then we would be walking around for the other hours.....
WRONG...this kids could not keep her eyes of the stage. She clapped, she bounced, the jumped, she cried and signed more during the intermission...I really could not believe it. I am so glad that we took her...
She got tired towards the end b/c she was dancing so much!

Friday, April 4, 2008

First Kiss

I think the picture says it all. Are they too cute or what??? They had their first kiss before their first date. We are taking the kids to Elmo tonight..I hope we can keep them from necking in the back seat on the way home!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


She loves to color. My Aunt DJ got her the special little kid crayons but she thinks they are binkies and tries to eat them. She does much better with these crayons that Nonni bought her. These are washable crayons which I did not know there even made. They do wash off walls very easy but not so easy from hard wood floors...hence why now she colors in the dining room.

Here she is doing some Wii golfing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wii love it

Yes, we finally broke down and got one. I got an tip about a used Wii being at a store in Morgantown. We ran up and got one. It is so fun. I am not a big video game person but these are addicting... Of course our little Techie loves the Wii remotes....
She was showing me her remote
She kept repeating "whooo" and pusingthe buttons.
Here she is "playing". She also likes us to hold her while we are playing tennis...This is a great family toy. I know she cannot really play now but she will be able to and it gets you moving, not just sitting and pushing buttons.